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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update for 3 August 2018

Share · View all patches · Build 3001459 · Last edited by Wendy

Via CS:GO Blog:


  • Panorama UI is now active by default for users on all supported operating systems.
  • For a limited transition time users can opt into backwards compatibility mode by adding -scaleform launch option.


  • Planted C4 will now emit a different beeping sound when planted at bombsite B.
  • Molotovs and incendiary grenades will now consistently deal impact damage to match other grenades.


  • Players using the CS:GO Perfect World launcher now have fully localized voice audio.
  • Community servers now allow connections from players using the CS:GO Perfect World launcher and other launchers.


  • Added the Horizon Case, featuring 17 new community weapon finishes and 4 brand new knives.


  • Fixed halftime and team selection music to respect main menu music volume settings.
  • Lobby voice chat will now duck main menu music volume for the duration of voice chat.
  • Fixed ability to borrow music kits and added a button to stop borrowing music kits.
  • Fixed a bug that caused old invites to be re-sent when returning to lobby from a competitive match.
  • Friends rich presence in-game now displays the competitive match score first.
  • Added chat messages for players receiving competitive cooldowns, reports, and commendations.
  • Multiple fixes for IME support and text entry focus with IME.
  • Updated lobby chat to show more messages.
  • Fixed Lobby chat layouts for 4×3 and 5×4 aspect ratios.
  • Fixed end of match rank display showing incorrect text for 40+ level ranks.
  • Fixed reconnect panel layouts for 4×3 and 5×4 aspect ratios.
  • Fixed scoreboard layout in war game modes.
  • Improved visual separation of observers in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed the spectator round timer sometimes getting stuck red.
  • Fixed missing kill feed icons.
  • Fixed radar and map overviews for workshop maps that don’t have a manifest file with radar data.
  • Fixed workshop maps selection screen in Wingman mode.
  • Impact kills with molotovs and incendiary grenades now display an icon in the kill feed.
  • Fixed various mistakes on the new radar map overviews (thanks Yesber).


  • Added fallback parameters to Overpass water material to fix stale reflection data.
  • Added rare inspect animation to Desert Eagle.
  • Miscellaneous stability and security fixes.

The following changelog has been automatically generated from GameTracking data.


  • Updated localization files for Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian

English Localization

  • CSGO_set_esports_2014_summer: The eSports 2014 Summer Collection
  • PaintKit_gs_ak47_bloodsport: It has been covered in white logo decals over a red and black hydrographic.\n\n<i>Co-driver wanted</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_awp_psychopath: It has been custom painted with pink, blue, and purple drawings atop a black base.\n\n<i>Delirium is a dangerous thing</i>
  • PaintKit_hy_bizon_torn_green: It has been custom painted with a green and yellow hydrographic.\n\n<i>Follow the leader</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_blueprint_scar: It has been hand painted using a blue theme to resemble an architect's blueprint.\n\n<i>The best-laid plans are drawn to scale</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_cz_snakes_purple: A custom paint job with nine purple and gold snakes has been applied.\n\n<i>Beware the rising tide</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_m4a1_decimator: It has been custom painted with totally radical blue and pink highlights.\n\n<i>Quiet retrofuturism</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_desert_eagle_corroden: A custom paint job has been applied with a rust-colored base and white detailing.\n\n<i>Nothing a little sandpaper can't fix</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_fiveseven_vein: A custom paint job comprised of intricate teal and coral veins has been applied.\n\n<i>20 over 100</i>
  • PaintKit_sp_galil_wave: A spray-painted, blue wave pattern sits atop a maroon base.\n\n<i>Westward breaks</i>
  • PaintKit_sp_m249_frog_original: It has been painted using a hydrographic inspired by a poison dart frog.\n\n<i>Conservation is not a priority</i>
  • PaintKit_sp_mp7_tribal_yellow: It has been spray-painted with a blue pattern over a yellow base.\n\n<i>Your personal battle cry</i>
  • PaintKit_am_p250_sputnik: A blue-grey anodized pattern overlays a black base.\n\n<i>Be the pebble</i>
  • PaintKit_aa_mac10_the_last_dive: It has been hand painted with a randomized green and orange pattern.\n\n<i>There's beauty in chaos</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_ump_abyss: It has been hand painted teal and given a convincing depth effect.\n\n<i>Brick by brick</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_usps_noir: It has been custom painted with a stylized blue-magenta woman over a grayscale background.\n\n<i>\"Drenched in a neon glow, she lies at the foot of an oppressive skyscraper\"</i>
  • PaintKit_aq_xm_leaf_fade: It has been hand painted with a randomized multicolored leaf pattern.\n\n<i>Spring, summer, fall, and rarely winter</i>
  • PaintKit_aq_sawedoff_zander2: It has been hand painted to resemble a popular game fish.\n\n<i>This one's a keeper</i>
  • PaintKit_hy_p90_barebones_blue: A hydrographic pattern of overlapping hands has been applied to a blue base.\n\n<i>Do not go quietly</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_usps_blueprint: It has been hand painted using a blue theme to resemble an architect's blueprint.\n\n<i>Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_ak_colony01_red: It has been hand painted with a red and black design.\n\n<i>Recovered from COLONY01</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_dualberettas_cobra: A cobra has been hand painted on either grip. The slide displays its neon venom.\n\n<i>They always strike back</i>
  • PaintKit_sp_famas_macabre: It has been spray painted with a green design over a yellow undercoat.\n\n<i>A gruesome discovery</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_fiveseven_hyperbeast: It has been custom painted with a beastly creature in psychedelic colors.\n\n<i>We're all monsters</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_galil_candychaos: It has been custom painted using cotton candy themed colors and various patterns.\n\n<i>Prepare for the crash</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_awp_hannya: It has been hand painted with colorful samurai and Oni imagery.\n\n<i>Face your demons</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_m4a1s_metritera: It has been given a hydrographic of a topographical map.\n\n<i>Everybody has a plan…</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_m4a4_hellfire: A devil-like creature has been hand painted among fire and chains.\n\n<i>And brim pebbles</i>
  • PaintKit_am_mac10_aloha: It has been airbrushed with a red hibiscus pattern.\n\n<i>For the noncommittal</i>
  • PaintKit_am_mag7_caustic: It has been painted with a grey anodized pattern and finished with blue highlights.\n\n<i>\"I wouldn't drink that\"</i>
  • PaintKit_aq_ump45_flameflower: It has been given a steel-colored pattern of funeral roses.\n\n<i>In memoriam</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_p2000_hunter: It has been hand painted with custom green camouflage and orange detailing.\n\n<i>\"The orange is for you, not me\"</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_p250_axiom: A custom DDPAT camouflage with yellows and oranges has been applied.\n\n<i>Just over the horizon</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_ssg08_deathshead: It has been hand painted to resemble a death's-head hawkmoth.\n\n<i>Quid pro quo</i>
  • PaintKit_aq_tec9_chalk_pattern: An intricate pattern of butterflies and floral details has been applied.\n\n<i>Spring has sprung</i>
  • PaintKit_aq_sawed-off_flower: It has been hand painted with ornate flowers using a pale color palette.\n\n<i>Close quarters nouveau</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_aug_orange_triangle: A custom paint job with gunmetal triangles and carbon fiber over a burnt orange base.\n\n<i>All things being equal</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_ak47_empress: It has been custom painted using the Empress tarot card as inspiration.\n\n<i>Wealth comes in many forms</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_bizon_all_in: It has been custom painted with poker chips, dice, and a royal flush over a red base.\n\n<i>All in</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_g3sg1_cetme_redux: The gun's black base has been covered with dark wood paneling.\n\n<i>It smells of rich mahogany</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_p250_cybercroc: It has been custom painted with a green, mechanized croc with yellow detailing.\n\n<i>In a while…</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_mp9_goo: It has been custom painted to resemble a tarlike goo obscuring a grey base.\n\n<i>Covered in spite</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_glock_indigo: It has been hand painted with multiple coats of blue paint.\n\n<i>The topcoat is still drying</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_m4a1_shatter: It has been hand painted to resemble shattered blue and orange glass.\n\n<i>Lethal fragility</i>
  • PaintKit_am_mac10_oceani: It has been given a black base coat and accented with blue designs.\n\n<i>The shapeless void</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_r8_llamacannon: Its ivory handle is paired with ornate, engraved flourishes on blue metalwork.\n\n<i>Pull the lever</i>
  • PaintKit_cu_tec9_cracked_opal: It has been hand painted to resemble cracked, ancient wood with an underlying opal.\n\n<i>Doubles as a mood ring</i>
  • PaintKit_hy_scar20_jungle_slipstream: It has been custom painted with a green and yellow hydrographic.\n\n<i>Create your own wake</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_sg553_phantom: It has been hand painted with a blue and grey design and finished with orange accents.\n\n<i>A ScyTech procurement</i>
  • PaintKit_gs_cz75_tacticat: It has been hand painted pink and purple and features small, feline decals.\n\n<i>24 bullets, 9 lives</i>
  • and 88 more.


  • Ursus Knife has been added
  • Navaja Knife has been added
  • Stiletto Knife has been added
  • Talon Knife has been added
  • eSports 2014 Summer Case Changed tags/ItemSet/tag_text from #CSGO_set_esports_2014_summer to #CSGO_set_esports_iii
  • Horizon Case Key has been added
  • Horizon Case has been added

Paint Kits

  • Neon Rider (cu_ak_neon_rider) has been added
  • Amber Slipstream (hy_aug_torn_orange) has been added
  • Eco (cu_cz75_eco) has been added
  • Shred (sp_elites_winter_raider) has been added
  • Code Red (gs_deagle_aggressor) has been added
  • High Seas (gs_g3sg1_buccaneer) has been added
  • Warhawk (gs_glock_thunder_dust) has been added
  • Nightmare (cu_m4a1s_nightmare) has been added
  • Capillary (cu_mp9_vein) has been added
  • Toy Soldier (cu_nova_toy_soldier) has been added
  • Traction (gs_p90_tread) has been added
  • PAW (am_awp_pawpaw) has been added
  • Powercore (gs_powercore_mp7) has been added
  • Devourer (cu_sawedoff_devourer) has been added
  • Survivalist (cu_r8_survivalist) has been added
  • Snek-9 (cu_tec9_snake) has been added
  • Eye of Athena (cu_famas_owl_orange) has been added
  • Night Stripe (sp_nightstripe) has been added

Item Sets

  • The eSports 2014 Summer Collection Changed name from #CSGO_set_esports_2014_summer to #CSGO_set_esports_iii
  • The eSports 2014 Summer Collection Changed set_description from #CSGO_set_esports_2014_summer_desc to #CSGO_set_esports_iii_desc
  • The Horizon Collection has been added
  • weapon_aug | Amber Slipstream (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_elite | Shred (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_glock | Warhawk (Industrial Grade)
  • weapon_mp9 | Capillary (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_p90 | Traction (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_revolver | Survivalist (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_tec9 | Snek-9 (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_cz75a | Eco (Restricted)
  • weapon_g3sg1 | High Seas (Restricted)
  • weapon_nova | Toy Soldier (Restricted)
  • weapon_awp | PAW (Mil-Spec Grade)
  • weapon_mp7 | Powercore (Restricted)
  • weapon_m4a1_silencer | Nightmare (Restricted)
  • weapon_sawedoff | Devourer (Classified)
  • weapon_famas | Eye of Athena (Classified)
  • weapon_ak47 | Neon Rider (Classified)
  • weapon_deagle | Code Red (Classified)
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