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Roll Out update for 25 October 2017

Roll Out 1.1.3 Is Now Live!

Share · View all patches · Build 2229987 · Last edited 15 March 2019 – 17:55:16 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Enhancements / New Features

  • Number of crew members can be configured when setting up difficulty on a new game.

  • Crew members can now be customized; escape the apocalypse as you and your friends!

  • The Road Train now lives up to its name with the addition of trailers!

    • You must start with a trailer bed

    • Trailer buildings are unlocked with research

    • Trailer buildings can be built on top of a trailer bed. Each one gives powerful functionality and an advantage to the player.

      • Cargo trailers increase the Road Train's capacity.
      • Greenhouse trailers lower the food required per stop.
      • Raincatcher trailers will act as rain barrels, gathering water when it rains. They also lower the water requirement per stop.
      • Forge trailers act as forges, smelting ore into metal and making fasteners. They do not act as drop points however, nor add storage.
      • Medical trailers cause the crew to heal 10 HP at each roll out. Medical trailer effects do not stack.
      • Generator trailers produce a trickle of power constantly.
  • Melee weapons have been added! With baseball bats, tire irons, and swords, send your crew into battle!

  • To compliment the new melee lifestyle, body armor has also been added!

    • It can be researched and crafted at a textile mill. Kevlar provides armor, which provides damage reduction against attacks.
    • Each point of armor provides one percent of damage reduction from most damage types. This does not affect weather damage.
  • Actors can now have status effects applied to them. These status effects last for various amounts of time, and can provide a variety of effects (such as the militant's suppression ability).

    • New effects can be registered in the dev tools!
  • New Crew Member abilities!

    • At and above level 5, militants who attack at range now slow the target.
    • At and above level 5, gatherers gather twice as much and do double melee damage.
    • At and above level 5, engineers use 10% less materials when they start construction on a building.
  • New Difficulty Option: Hardcore Mode

    • Prior to this, crew members were killed outright if their health was reduced to zero.
    • Now, crew members taken to 0 will be knocked unconscious, and can be revived by another crew member using a medkit.
    • Rolling out causes any unconscious crew members to be killed.
    • The exception to this rule is during travel events; crew will still be killed if the difficulty is set to allow it.
    • The game is still lost if all crew members are knocked unconscious.
    • Hardcore mode replicates the initial functionality of the game, where a crew member irrevocably dies when their health reaches 0.
  • Camera Panning controls default to WASD instead of the Arrow Keys.

  • Borders around the map have been added.

  • Control Buttons at the bottom of the screen and crew frames now display their current hotkey.

  • Crafting items now displays a bar in the crafting queue (on the current item being made) indicating craft progress.

  • Crafting icons in the queue can now be canceled by clicking on them. This will refund materials on all items not started, and on an item that has less than 10% of its crafting time elapsed.

  • Added low ammo/no ammo notifications when using weapons that require ammunition.

  • The Roll Out preview window now shows a transparent bar as well as the solid bar. This transparent bar represents how much food/fuel/water exists in total in storage on the map, where the solid bar represents what is currently on the Road Train. Resources must be on the Road Train to count towards Roll Out conditions.

  • The area behind the Road Train can no longer have regular buildings placed there (as it is reserved for Trailers).

  • Inventory now has an option to display all items, including ones not researched and ones with 0 quantity.

  • Holding LSHIFT while over an building/resource on the map will show an expanded tooltip.

  • The loading screen has been re-done.

  • The progress screen has been updated. If you are loading an old save (from version 1.0.7 and prior), you may be missing some information that was not captured at that time.

Balance Changes

  • Scientists now receive their healing ability at level 5 (up from level 4).
  • Paper production has been re-balanced.
  • Ore deposits now contain slightly more ore.
  • Metal production from ore has been increased.
  • Metal requirement for fasteners has been lowered.
  • The research Engine Upgrade: Gasoline is now researched at the Fuel Refinery.
  • Crafting fasteners now produce more overall.

Bug Fixes

  • Fuel/food that has not been researched no longer counts towards satisfying roll out conditions, even if gathered.
  • The button to disable resource generators now functions properly.
  • The Road Train's inventory display in the UI now functions properly on all resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug in the dev tools where loaded dictionaries (resource costs,etc) and string arrays were not properly bound on project load.
  • The camera properly binds to the map region instead of going out of bounds.
  • The minimap camera area now correctly resembles the camera zoom level.
  • Fixed z-index of build previews so they are on top, as well as trailer z-indices
  • Build previews no longer remain in certain circumstances after canceling building placement.
  • Fixed certain instances where text would overflow the UI container instead of shrinking.
  • Certain buildings will no longer have incorrect properties when built (such as a bridge that becomes a dropoff point for ore).
  • The inventory screen now updates more regularly.
  • Fixed emergency rollout to work as intended, including an appropriate prompt.
  • Crew members no longer start at an offset position when loading a game.


  • The bug reporter no longer requires an email client when submitting a bug report.

Dev Tools

  • New Lua hooks were added:

    • Actors/Crew:

      • onDamageTaken - called when damage is taken. Can modify the total.
      • onDamageDealt - called when damage is dealt. Can modify the total.
      • onHealed - called when healed. Can modify the total.
      • onKnockedOut - called when knocked out (crew member only).
      • onPathUpdate - called when the path is re-calculated.
      • onPathTargetReached - called when the current movement target is reached.
      • addStatusEffect - adds a status effect to the actor/crew.
      • removeStatusEffect - removes a status effect.
      • clearStatusEffects - clears all status effects on the actor/crewmember.
      • hasStatusEffect - checks to see if a status effect exists on the actor/crew.
      • getRemainingStatusTime - gets the remaining time on a status effect.
    • Calamity/Module:

      • onResourceGathered - called when a resource is about to be gathered. Can modify the total.
      • onGetResourceGathered - called when the game is looking up what resource should be gathered.
      • onResourceGenerated - called when a resource is about to be generated. Can modify the total.
      • onGetResourceGenerated - called when the game is looking up what resource should be generated.
      • onGetBuildMaterials - called when the game is looking up build materials for a building. Can modify the results.
      • onCrewMemberRevived - called when a crew member is revived.
      • canCrewMemberBeRevived - called when the player attempts to revive a crew member.
    • Building:

      • onBuildComplete - called when a building's construction is complete.
  • When specifying crafting properties for an item, multiple buildings can now be set.

  • The dev tools lua editor now supports code snippets.

  • Lua scripts can now query the elapsed and remaining time at the current stop.

  • Lua scripts can now set the tick rate of the timer, including allowing it to tick upwards.

  • Calamities can set whether or not to allow crew customization. Setting this to false will disable it as an option for a random calamity.

  • The dev tools can now register status effects.

    • Similar to illnesses, these status effects can be applied to actors and crew, and can be used as temporary buffs and debuffs.
  • The Lua API is now documented at

Windows 64-bit Roll Out Release Depot 661652
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