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Night of the Full Moon

App ID 769560
App Type Game
Store Name 月圆之夜 (Night of Full Moon)
Publisher Giant Games
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 12635729
Last Record Update 22 September 2021 – 08:04:31 UTC ()
Release Date 26 July 2019 – 02:00:00 UTC ()

"Night of the Full Moon" is a stand-alone roguelike card game. Take adventure into Black Forest. Random event, random plot leads to different endings.


Additional Information

clienticon 0013299d23b8964c89c9f0a7e9898b3bf0fc4ae5
clienttga fb08ab654b8cd9f77552efe526b788f5bcad1546
icon 8ccc812dd5e5c58cf9c1009c2a3eefe12820bea5
logo 874758d41419c5b5a3e711644f1f73c0183f299f
logo_small 874758d41419c5b5a3e711644f1f73c0183f299f_thumb
metacritic_name 月圆之夜(Night of Full Moon)
community_visible_stats Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
Achievement Languages English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 26 July 2019 ()
osarch empty string
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameGiant Games
1/nameGiant Games
Primary Genre Indie (23)
Store Genres Adventure (25), Indie (23), Strategy (2)
Supported Languages
5 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Simplified ChineseYesYes
Traditional ChineseYesYes
Steam Release Date 26 July 2019 – 02:00:00 UTC ()
Original Release Date 26 July 2019 – 07:00:00 UTC () (1564124400)
Store Asset Modification Time 7 November 2019 – 10:10:34 UTC () (1573121434)
library_capsulezh-cn,en view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
osextended empty string
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 3 July 2019 – 09:16:09 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 26 March 2019 – 12:24:12 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 3 July 2019 – 09:13:16 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 3 July 2019 – 09:13:16 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 7 November 2019 – 10:10:34 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 7 November 2019 – 09:57:54 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 7 November 2019 – 10:10:34 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 24 July 2019 – 08:48:06 UTC
review_score 8
review_percentage 87
SteamChinaApproved Yes
Detected Technologies (?) Engine.Unity, SDK.Wwise
  • 256 players right now
  • 335 24-hour peak
  • 1,768 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 256 players right now
  • 335 24-hour peak
  • 1,768 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 4,839 positive reviews
  • 696 negative reviews
  • 87.43% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 4.9 hours median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 4.6 hours average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 1,901 all-time peak

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How many players are playing Night of the Full Moon right now on Steam? There are 256 players in Night of the Full Moon on Steam. Night of the Full Moon player counter. Night of the Full Moon Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
229148 Steam Sub 229148 CD Key 13 October 2020 – 09:46:09 UTC
229149 Night of the Full Moon for Beta Testing CD Key 22 October 2020 – 07:58:03 UTC
229150 Night of the Full Moon Free on Demand 16 August 2019 – 09:42:25 UTC
353492 Night of the Full Moon ( 769560 ) - complimentary reviewer package No Cost 26 July 2019 – 17:53:31 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
1130750 月圆之夜 - 魔术的帘幕 (Night of Full Moon - Magic Curtain) 29 July 2020 – 08:43:38 UTC
1130810 月圆之夜 - 药神的眷顾 (Night of Full Moon - Apothecary's Blessing) 29 July 2020 – 08:43:36 UTC
1130770 月圆之夜 - 木匠的抉择 (Night of Full Moon - Choice of Carpenter) 6 July 2021 – 05:07:42 UTC
1130790 月圆之夜 - 南瓜灯 (Night of Full Moon - Pumpkin Lamp) 29 July 2020 – 08:43:28 UTC
1130800 月圆之夜 - 小红帽日记 (Night of Full Moon - The Red Hood Diary) 28 April 2021 – 18:14:03 UTC
1130780 月圆之夜 - 回忆拼图 (Night of Full Moon - Memory Puzzle) 7 August 2021 – 17:35:08 UTC
1215160 月圆之夜 - 灵魂的契约 (Night of Full Moon - Contract of Soul) 4 September 2021 – 20:33:04 UTC
1420870 月圆之夜 - 命运的齿轮 (Night of Full Moon - Gear of Fate) 4 September 2021 – 00:33:03 UTC
1420880 月圆之夜 - 存钱罐 (Night of Full Moon - Piggy Bank) 21 November 2020 – 16:27:33 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
769561 Night of the Full Moon Content 1.59 GiB
769562 Night of the Full Moon via Local 1.02 GiB
1130750 月圆之夜 - 魔术的帘幕 (1130750) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130750
1130810 月圆之夜 - 药神的眷顾 (1130810) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130810
1130770 月圆之夜 - 木匠的抉择 (1130770) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130770
1130790 月圆之夜 - 南瓜灯 (1130790) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130790
1130800 月圆之夜 - 小红帽日记 (1130800) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130800
1130780 月圆之夜 - 回忆拼图 (1130780) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1130780
1215160 月圆之夜 - 灵魂的契约 (1215160) 个 Depot No size UnusedDLC 1215160
769563 Night of the Full Moon x86 1.58 GiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 6758475 26 May 2021 – 06:56:49 UTC
local Local Content Server 4068720 2 August 2019 – 09:11:34 UTC
private_beta 内部测试 6167441 1 February 2021 – 02:45:21 UTC
private_tts 无障碍功能 6758475 26 May 2021 – 02:18:08 UTC


Name Value
hasdepotsindlc 0
baselanguages English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Night of the Full Moon.exe
Launch Type Launch (Default)
Operating System   windows
CPU Architecture 64-bit only
1. 32位系统
Executable x86\Night of the Full Moon.exe
Launch Type Launch (Default)
Operating System   windows
CPU Architecture 32-bit only


Key Value
installdir Night of the Full Moon

User File System

Key Value
quota 95.37 MiB (100000000)
maxnumfiles 10
  • 0/path: ztgame\月圆之夜\UserinfoRecord
  • 0/pattern: *
  • 0/platforms/1: Windows
  • 0/recursive: 1
  • 0/root: WinAppDataLocalLow

Other apps that reference this app



API name Display name and description Icons
ACH_1 Knight's Glory

Lady Knight clears stage(Normal)

ACH_119 True Knight glory

Lady Knight clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_2 Magic Mastery

Little Witch clears stage(Normal)

ACH_120 True mastery of magic

Little Witch clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_121 Faster and faster

Ranger clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_4 Devout Heart

Nun clears stage(Normal)

ACH_122 True and pious heart

Nun clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_15 Potions of Wonders

Apothecary clears stage(Normal)

ACH_124 True Potions of Wonders

Apothecary clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_17 Great Magic

Magician clears stage(Normal)

ACH_123 True great magic

Magician clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_1002 Drunken Stupor

Forget cards 6 times

ACH_1003 Card Trade

Trade with the adventure Card Collector 2 times

ACH_1004 Taste Master

Try the Witch Apothecary's potion 5 times

ACH_9 Witch Trade

Eat the apple and collect the Witch's rewards

ACH_1005 Shop Regular

Buy 20 cards from the shop

ACH_11 Millionaire

Spend total 2000 Gold

ACH_10 Grandmaster

Gain total 2000 mana

ACH_12 Renegade

Deal total 20,000 damage

ACH_14 Card Connoisseur

Get total 500 cards

ACH_304 Expose Truth

Defeat mystery man

ACH_3 Like the Wind

Ranger clears stage(Normal)

ACH_19 Dilemma

Werewolf clears stage(Normal)

ACH_128 True Dilemma

Werewolf clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_1001 Heart of Iron

Upgrade card 6 times

ACH_13 Brave Advance

Defeated total 100 people

ACH_101 I Want All

Do not skip any box and conquer the game

ACH_102 A brave heart

Defeat a boss with level higher than your's.

ACH_103 A close call

Defeat any boss when you have only 1 health

ACH_104 Not a scratch

Defeat any boss when you have full health

ACH_105 Quick solution

Defeat any boss in the first turn

ACH_106 breaking Dawn

Defeat Perist in the first turn

ACH_107 Invincible

Have more than 200 armor in a combat

ACH_108 Storm

Deal single damage to 200

ACH_109 Inexhaustible

Use at least 30 cards in one turn

ACH_110 Minimalism

Conquer the game by deck with no more than 10 cards

ACH_111 Stand of Arms

Equip no less than 7 equipments

ACH_113 21 points

Use spell card 21 times in a turn

ACH_114 The Weak Body

Sum of Poisoned/Chilled/ Burn/Stuck reaches 999

ACH_115 A Snap

Exile 20 cards in a combat

ACH_116 Hello, Grandma

Defeat grandma in the first turn.

ACH_117 Strong

Maximum health reaches 130 (out of combat)

ACH_400 Toy Knight

Clears stage with Sleeping Wind Knight(Hard)

ACH_401 Secret Weapons

Clears stage with Fatal Fork(Hard)

ACH_402 Racing Competition

Clears stage with Mechanical Fist(Hard)

ACH_403 Agents of Storm

Clears stage with Hurricane Staff(Hard)

ACH_404 Icy Flame

Clears stage with Ice Torch(Hard)

ACH_405 Master Apprentice

Clears stage with Witch's Broom(Hard)

ACH_406 GetDrunker

Clears stage with Blend Beaker(Hard)

ACH_407 Cordon Bleu

Clears stage with Selected Recipes(Hard)

ACH_408 Chemical Reconciliation

Clears stage with (Hard)

ACH_409 Cuisine Duel

Defeat the fat devil with Selected Recipes

ACH_410 Hit on what one likes

Defeat drunk butler with Cocktail

ACH_411 Secret Confrontation

Defeat foreign assassin with Fatal Fork on the first turn

ACH_412 Horsemen of Apocalypse

Equip 4 Wind Knights

ACH_413 Vampire Castle

Defeat the Vampire Lord on the first turn

ACH_414 All in One Piece

Complete all puzzles

ACH_415 Smart Thief

Clears stage with Diver gloves(Hard)

ACH_416 Ancient Scholars

Clears stage with Archaeological tools(Hard)

ACH_417 Precision Assassin

Clears stage with Sharp blade(Hard)

ACH_418 Curse Purification

Take three monster abilities of the final boss to defeat Midas.

ACH_20 Contract Concluded

Soul Hunter clears stage(Normal)

ACH_129 True Contract Concluded

Soul Hunter clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_420 The more the better

In addition to normal attacks, carry 4 identical cards

ACH_422 Gospel

Trigger 10 prayer cards in a single turn

ACH_130 Body of Steel

Mechanic clears stage(Normal)

ACH_131 True Body of Steel

Mechanic clears stage(Hard VII)

ACH_132 Explore the Black Forest

Clear the fourth chapter (Normal)

ACH_133 Demystifying the Black Forest

Clear the fourth chapter (Hard VII)

ACH_419 Worse

Monsters have more than 8 points of vulnerability

ACH_421 Energy source

Gain 20 mana in a single turn

ACH_423 Indifferent

Defeat the boss without playing a card

ACH_424 Time magic

Play your own turn 3 times in a row

ACH_425 Save the black forest

Kill Forest Spirit in the first turn

ACH_428 Dark sheet music

Complete the level on Nightmare difficulty with a movement

ACH_429 Death trio

Complete the level on Nightmare difficulty with 3 movements


API Name Display Name Default Value
TYPE_10 大法师 0
TYPE_11 大富翁 0
TYPE_12 激进派 0
TYPE_13 勇往直前 0
TYPE_14 卡牌鉴赏家 0
TYPE_1001 铁匠之心 0
TYPE_1002 醉生梦死 0
TYPE_1003 卡牌交易 0
TYPE_1004 品尝大师 0
TYPE_1005 商店常客 0
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