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App ID 531640
App Type Game
Publisher Dire Wolf
Supported Systems Windows macOS
Last Change Number 13109224
Last Record Update 11 November 2021 – 04:09:27 UTC ()
Release Date 15 November 2018 – 23:10:00 UTC ()

Six-guns and sorcery collide in Eternal, the new strategy card game of unlimited choices and unbelievable fun. Eternal brings AAA pace and polish to the infinite possibilities of a deep strategy card game. The only limits are your own creativity.


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Additional Information

clienticon ad36e00b75585a22a198036fb8567d9b7977e03b
clienttga 9678c7045f8876f460b77639455f8b49b3278ad4
icon b7da24d65562ad8c900bf7d16f554cfd1592b9de
logo 49374318e97e9a8ca0c38ee1631848cf9b4f6e18
logo_small 49374318e97e9a8ca0c38ee1631848cf9b4f6e18_thumb
metacritic_name Eternal Card Game
controller_support partial
clienticns d52de5bbdbf8c98784da9e3530b683a67c9f093e
community_visible_stats Yes
LinuxClientIcon dde359f9472e3950f8ac3b930ef659b1f7a3fdd9
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameEternal Card Game EULA
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 15 November 2018 ()
osarch empty string
community_hub_visible Yes
3rd-Party Account Eternal Card Game account required to play.
0/nameDire Wolf
1/nameDire Wolf
Primary Genre Strategy (2)
Store Genres Casual (4), Free to Play (37), Massively Multiplayer (29), Strategy (2)
Supported Languages
9 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Spanish - SpainYesYes
Portuguese - BrazilYesYes
Simplified ChineseYesYes
Steam Release Date 15 November 2018 – 23:10:00 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 4 November 2021 – 17:22:56 UTC () (1636046576)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
osextended macos64
Is free on the store? Yes
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capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 19 December 2017 – 20:27:48 UTC
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capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 19 December 2017 – 20:15:11 UTC
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capsule_616x353_alt_assets_3.jpgLast-Modified: 1 December 2020 – 22:51:57 UTC
capsule_616x353_alt_assets_4.jpgLast-Modified: 17 March 2021 – 20:34:39 UTC
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header.jpgLast-Modified: 20 September 2019 – 00:33:15 UTC
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hero_capsule.jpgLast-Modified: 4 November 2021 – 17:22:56 UTC
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library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:49:29 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:49:29 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 19 December 2017 – 20:16:01 UTC
review_score 6
review_percentage 78
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  • 354 players right now
  • 373 24-hour peak
  • 2,894 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 354 players right now
  • 373 24-hour peak
  • 2,894 all-time peak

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  • 4,895 positive reviews
  • 1,324 negative reviews
  • 78.71% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 0 minutes median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 19.8 hours median total playtime
  • 0 minutes average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 76.6 hours average total playtime

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  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 412 all-time peak

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How many players are playing Eternal Card Game right now on Steam? There are 354 players in Eternal Card Game on Steam. Eternal Card Game player counter. Eternal Card Game Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
128253 Steam Sub 128253 CD Key 12 December 2019 – 01:04:30 UTC
128254 Eternal Card Game for Beta Testing CD Key 2 November 2016 – 17:19:49 UTC
128255 Eternal Card Game Free on Demand 31 January 2020 – 19:48:09 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
1210990 Eternal Card Game - Starter Kit 19 December 2019 – 22:00:14 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
531641 Eternal Card Game Content 2.51 GiB 64-bit
531642 Eternal Card Game Depot - OSX 2.51 GiB 64-bit
531643 Eternal Card Game Depot - Win32 2.50 GiB 32-bit


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 7639024 1 November 2021 – 21:27:22 UTC
development 1621696 10 February 2017 – 01:27:31 UTC
env_prep 7216717 19 August 2021 – 14:42:23 UTC
env_prod 7639024 1 November 2021 – 21:22:44 UTC
env_qa Latest auto QA Build. 7561128 19 October 2021 – 16:02:51 UTC
env_qa_stable Latest stable QA build. 3324500 20 November 2018 – 17:16:17 UTC
env_ru 2087006 2 September 2017 – 01:02:34 UTC
env_stage 7645063 2 November 2021 – 18:51:50 UTC

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Eternal.exe
Launch Type Unspecified
Operating System   windows
1. Unnamed launch option
Launch Type Unspecified
Operating System   macos


Key Value
contenttype 3
installdir Eternal Card Game
steamcontrollertemplateindex 4

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Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
86f7e188-60f3-4236-a4bf-15de9ed87797 Complete the Campaign

Complete the campaign.

86f1cf1a-2868-4e00-a08b-dac1276d76e0 Forge Expert

Win 5 forges without losing a game.

b3e96dbd-b27e-45a8-9c67-f5dbf928d0bd Undefeated

End a draft with a 7-0 record.

3ccf9c97-f8a7-429d-a4a1-81631f5af405 Throne Streak: 5

Win 5 Throne games in a row.

512642a5-81b7-421f-b3f7-38bbceb09b7a Join the Fight

Win 100 PvP games.

728f7aae-fc55-40ab-88b7-adb2d84dbb73 Lucky Pull

Play a legendary card in draft.

62259f8b-f70f-4599-93ee-9a05d8b0a56f Battle for the Throne

Play all 5 Scions.

da6f4d95-a0f1-4a39-b42f-49bdd827de2c Throne: Silver

Earn Silver in Throne for any season.

7ad1ac5d-d5f3-4916-8a20-7f8c294f9e64 Throne: Gold

Earn Gold in Throne for any season.

2e8e69ac-29a2-4c45-8ffd-eebbff0cf1b0 Throne: Diamond

Earn Diamond in Throne for any season.

85dd5516-ae27-4dde-8a8f-a7e2a270241e Throne: Master

Earn Master in Throne for any season.

75c706db-1e8a-4ecf-acef-aa87e5d2dd9a Draft: Silver

Earn silver in draft for any season.

b0b98876-dfb8-4ad1-98d8-54ddbbaa5286 Draft: Gold

Earn gold in draft for any season.

35066cee-cddf-44c3-be81-8cd230622c37 Draft: Diamond

Earn diamond in draft for any season.

0b40d74f-36eb-4218-9413-85810aa477dd Draft: Master

Earn master in draft for any season.

39265a54-d1b1-4974-beb3-397189adb741 Going Big

Amplify 100 times.

3069c9e3-b7ff-4f84-b6d4-23051d3d87e0 Found It!

Play 50 Treasure Troves.

5d7d75d8-3a51-42cc-86df-24b978c7de01 Conqueror

Destroy 50 enemy Sites.

e9974140-2312-488a-97c2-ddbcfb6f00f7 Price of Fame

Activate Renown 100 times.

e79cf4d4-f64d-479c-8264-702a60c5f1f5 Just as Planned

Complete 20 Site Agendas.

8536fde7-693b-4387-bfd1-89980d4c4c46 All Who Wander Are Not Lost


01dc52c5-6da0-4ed2-b085-8ad7487507f8 Pledge Allegiance

Pledge 30 times.

4ddc212c-9d09-4002-b3c5-d44526272450 Awaken the Dragon


18de729d-4591-479d-8b2e-50eabdfe6ea6 How Fickle


63cf7b24-6202-4c90-ab1f-e75c5753601c Homecoming

Complete Homecoming.

aac5d86e-6706-4f4d-96eb-2cf0ff857efe Stormhalt Defiance

Play a free Stormhalt Knife in PvP.

4cd2f83a-09b1-4fdb-87c2-f6f822c6a243 It's One Louder

Amplify Diogo up to x11.

216644ef-4d04-493c-84dc-4043fe7c34e4 A New Era


7a0a36ff-8e8b-4cbb-9edf-d8a24e0b7554 Do Not Go Gentle


b44f33ed-6924-4447-90af-2e64e0270cbf Coordinated Arrival

Have three or more Shifted units emerge in a single turn.

a84cc9f8-55be-4eae-bd0b-ab94b6a05a16 Grand Design

Have a Kira that is 10/10 or larger with 5 or more battle skills.

f82b047a-89a1-4a79-849d-e796caa8f3ad Do the Twist

Twist 100 times.

ef2c4afd-64ba-41ab-b79e-99d32eede968 Nowhere to Hide

Kill a Shifted enemy unit.

78f0fe5a-304e-404a-b23b-812985559a06 Perfectly Even

Draw 20 cards with Evenhanded Golem.

0a680277-d61d-4867-864f-a79052bcc78e Press Shift

Play 100 units Shifted.

bef4ed80-0e9e-4c65-8d41-96a4bc632dcf Relentless

Activate Onslaught 100 times.

6df2e468-1a9a-49ec-b4fc-e5428c28b005 Unspeakable


1f1650d3-83fa-42a9-a378-5aac2487907f Army of the Shugo

Have four Oni wielding weapons.

a4615fe9-fe81-4b5e-8283-3e174ad1069c Most Dangerous Game

Kill an enemy unit that has 7 or more strength with a Killer attack.

5b9c0c86-0a46-4547-bb5b-ff34c2d0ff30 Sodi's Offensive

Draw 10 cards from Sodi's ability.

a0d412fa-9666-4a2e-8a1b-3f00115e14fe Sundered Veil

Shift nine units from the void with Uldra.

5d80a119-ca92-49f9-9a4e-edfaf57532e4 Twisted Frontier

Twist three different units in a turn.

771d1139-7c98-4b5e-91e7-aca6d390864f Unsustainable Practices

Decimate your power 50 times.

28de7f47-d56d-426e-85a6-910771d64b24 Overachiever

Activate 50 Mastery abilities.

e35d6a59-49ba-49b0-b490-f6cd611e5a32 Exaltation

Play an Exalted Weapon with five or more battle skills.

0e3515dc-f6f8-4c03-8119-bc071a3b9a40 Ritual of Blood

Sacrifice 20 Cultists.

53a44606-9fed-49f4-aafa-e101e243cc56 Cut the Muster

Activate three Muster abilities in a single turn.

b1aacfb7-4c34-48e5-8f7e-94948d3908a2 Hexmaster

Have curses on six different enemies.

ae432bba-9542-4e43-9b41-b05783bda384 The Price Must be Paid

Kill the enemy player with Nahid's ability.

3c0dfa5a-dc0a-4612-aa6c-900c56987e57 Grave Danger

Increase the enemy player's health with Vicious Rejuvenation, then win the game.

c9c9e5ad-97ca-4cf0-a722-1530c271ca24 Temporal Domination

Take three turns in a row.

dd3e285a-0c9b-40f4-85c9-79c9ffae204d Expedition: Silver

Earn Silver in Expedition during any chapter.

0a6a946b-5b12-423b-b816-bebf2a365c1b Expedition: Gold

Earn Gold in Expedition during any chapter.

35d1e2cf-25f2-47be-be7d-40647dd22366 Expedition: Diamond

Earn Diamond in Expedition during any chapter.

b4173c30-b16c-4e03-bcc2-37dc7294d342 Expedition: Master

Earn Master in Expedition during any chapter.

8c630c77-d167-4db8-a66f-ce37c157b673 Expedition Streak: 5

Win 5 Expedition games in a row.

7ac36455-5598-47d6-9706-3e2f54d0a94b But Wait...There's More!

Draw 5 or more cards in one turn with Archgryffyn Patriarch.

8d4cc2fd-8056-417f-b927-2d40ac68b409 Pardon the Interruption

Ambush a relic weapon with a Stormtamer's Mount

1f35f9fc-004a-4b12-b4cb-f6cf22c1ec2b Rap Battle

Play 20 fast curses.

31388348-6ae1-4bf4-973e-aac9f175c956 Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!

Play 5 Flamefangs in the same turn.

9fa58114-740c-45df-a6d0-fe57530d3465 You're Gonna Need a Bigger Tote...

Make a 10 Strength or more Totemite with Solwatcher Tota.

7e5ef96d-8290-4f8a-a811-2f03d052384e Promises by Firelight

Complete the Promises by Firelight campaign.

4d46b210-f718-4eaf-856e-cbefe6dc48a5 Battle Mage

Play a spell with 3 or more battle skills.

4b68e3ee-cda6-4490-80e9-a543420f41da Nightmare Commander

Activate 50 Corrupted Shade ultimates.

f369d700-2ad5-4d62-9193-9d8116dfa518 Run 'em Out

Kill a versus opponent by running their deck out of cards.

711fbc9d-467a-4f8d-b97e-e0e7995205b5 Strangest Things

Have 12 differently named Strangers in play at once.

d67baafe-a547-40ed-a575-43227cc357f5 Influential

End a game with more than 30 total influence.

a9eb5b99-0770-445c-9eec-bb6aa3239411 Well Protected

Gain 100 armor.

7679f49f-f650-485c-b2d9-523922a9c9c7 Blade Barrier

Gain 500 armor.

02d74bf7-1384-414b-8521-8b1830d7882e Emerald Master

Play a unit with 15 Strength or more with Emerald Maw.

a96a738b-2b96-41f0-9122-33e8ec7029b3 Explosive Finale

Deal 50 or more damage with a single spell.

2608401a-5c07-47d1-a566-1948bc41b5be Exalted Warrior

Play 5 exalted weapons at the same time with Kodosh's Armor.

fc41b368-9328-4df6-8f09-e7af216d2c81 Saboteur

Steal at least 7 power with Unseen Longbow.

ed2ebf30-3302-499a-87d6-7532932826b8 Bold Tinkering

Play a unit with at least 7-cost with Keelo

c30f38ca-01ce-4707-965f-ad373e2266b9 Seize Power

Play Korovyat Palace while you have Yushkov in play.

6bb9a4e1-d8b6-43a1-a8f0-826f4c597879 Just Rewards

Draw Razca from your void 5 times in a single game.

e5e6c8ce-a113-47ee-a60d-2bc44cef80a5 Spring has Sprung

Destroy an Eye of Winter while you have Guardian of Spring in play.

aebc9399-6ce9-4053-bdb9-41f346561ee0 Delve Deep

Play a 5-cost spell with Praxis Trove.

e2eb8cbf-cd03-4de4-aaf5-a27e31476734 The Meek Shall Inherit

Play an Edge of Uprising with 0-cost.

5732d19a-aa4a-4fd2-a1f8-179242d734fb Ruthless Efficiency

Play Contract Hit on your own unit.

474c5ce6-4f49-44f2-b5d2-0e3a00b0543a Just What I Needed

Swap Wrath of Caiphus out of your hand and play it later in the same game.

21ccf5be-3095-48cc-89b3-9063ae59cbe1 Persuasive Offer

Steal a unit with 6 Strength or more with Dizo, Cabal Racketeer

80386db6-88d3-4050-a941-19f4be2d309d Prophecy Fulfilled

Win a game with Archmagister's Prophecy

adc8e1bd-7a70-45ed-ba45-d0e37cc72c98 All Aboard!

Trigger Siege Train's Entomb for 5 or more copies of a single card.

1832d3b8-346a-4793-a859-55a4defc1946 Secret Stash

Plunder 50 Power

efce65c6-186a-4614-baf7-c0d87addd2cb Surge of Power

Trigger 100 Surge abilities

e24526a9-aa74-4e47-a5e2-e3ea05b3d5e7 Left in Shambles

Decay 20 enemy units down to 0 Strength

546837de-2d1f-4e58-9fe2-c671f2dddc5c Do it Twice

Play 50 spells from Revenge.

af3d17bb-e341-4841-8e37-a315e3364183 Borrow Courage

Imbue a unit with at least 10 Health

a96e8572-3651-4198-8e19-cd9ca866fbb9 In Bloom

Immediately Ultimate 2 Little Seeds with Hermit Gardener

eeedd891-e013-40cc-a1be-737195f73671 Awakening

Complete the Awakening Campaign

8da7681e-e4e7-4007-897b-694531e0d367 Ascension

Have 2 different Ascending heroes with all their abilities unlocked

3d835de3-5579-47f7-81f8-4313fc933bf6 Brilliance

Use Dazzle to stun an enemy unit and negate an enemy spell in the same game.

185878b4-a259-46eb-8d80-0b9da09fc6b9 The Good Doctor

Steal a 5-cost unit from the enemy void with Doctor Zytrom

f382980b-9799-4c92-8f0d-6c9ad0117379 The Soaring Serpent

Give at least 5 units Flying with Isra

69f0d972-7935-4c53-9ca9-f44f841264df Uxu Sated

Play an Uxu that has gained all of its abilities

a2c78c20-89c3-4a5b-af68-79e9f30bb2ef Fresh Dirt

Play a 0-cost Fertile Soil

9e2d6f8e-3423-46ef-8821-25dd8c1ba327 Back From the Brink

Play Fall of House Roa while at exactly 1 Health

d17b96c1-869c-4e5b-a33c-fc7d0de60ea5 Just Where I Wanted

Draw a unit from your market that you put there with Near Perfect Imitation

a3d81d16-7461-49fd-96d6-3f87261f4a13 Fair Play

Stop three of your own units Summon abilities with Grand Suppressor

d2b99754-d767-4484-b734-2f0cc72b0491 Merchant Prince

Have at least 10 cards in your market.

ed78d9da-e66a-43d1-90fe-33b0ad0fbe7f Risky Living

Pay all but 1 of your health to Diabolic Machinations

2b908068-7487-4eb9-9ecc-2dd6ebcc5916 Out of Tricks

Empty your market after beginning it with 5 cards

69280381-35e2-4fb7-b717-9be224a646c0 Grind It Out

Have a Rotoscavenger with at least 10 Strength

1c00eca1-5ae5-4164-a74a-e48e84c1355b I'll Take Those

Silence an enemy with at least 3 battle skills with Sharp Tactician

ac969170-884b-4472-9bb2-c09594b37ff3 Big Boom

Deal at least 20 damage with a single Pyrotech Explosion

bf59332f-d05d-419d-baab-8e40fa242ca7 Soldier Summoning

Play 100 Soldiers

31d8aa12-2cb2-4df6-a43d-aebfa696d9ba Mandrake Maintenance

Play 100 Mandrakes

b177d295-7773-4c89-98fa-2efce68e8e0e Raging Bull

Replay the same Vulk with Vulk's Heart 3 times.

61563831-98cb-4899-a927-61c37a53a0cb Versatile

Use all three of Hifos amplify abilities at once.

547e598c-c32b-4d57-901c-00b87203b595 Conquerer's Claim

Kill 3 units in a single attack with Dichro

a979326f-9c1c-4eb4-8262-a1f08690fc3b Unite the Bastion

Get every bonus from a single Might of the Bastion

37e8f01f-c7a0-4f99-b773-39b423e61cdc A True Expert

Have a Logistics Expert with at least 8 Strength

c32b8289-8499-4ec4-9c9c-669d76c583b7 Burn Bright

Take 2 extra turns in the same game with Prosperity of the Reach

717f79f9-8819-4142-9507-083b433ee2a5 Cost of Doing Business

Lose 3 or more cards to your own Gentleman Jun

62739849-b1bf-4a55-a17b-5a9162ff2275 That's No Mirage

Attack with a Storm Mirage with at least 5 Strength

033afd45-167c-4a8b-9242-5c50e2b78f6d Never Tell Me the Odds

Take at least 10 damage from your own Endless Step Rebuilder in one game

a72f3e2c-caf8-4503-92c7-a207e94f10a9 Beyond the Veil

Play Somiel when you're at 3 or less health

61e32261-fffc-4040-83ad-0db3d16cdacd Risk Taker

Make 30 Killer or Relic Weapon attacks on hidden units.

e1260e76-6137-4993-be62-4737e703680f Seize the Moment

Draw 10 or more cards with a single Pivotal Moment

6c3c16fb-4f96-450d-9a2a-439ae7a6044f Powerless

Reduce yourself to negative power with Experimental Forcefield

1fd57c75-4fd3-4690-8f70-4d0e3ac0914f Reach the Top

Play all 4 Endures from the Endless Steps on the same unit.

ab37b357-4f5d-4ce3-8380-2126e6b800c3 I Have the Power

Amplify a single Power card 3 times

ce13b283-39c9-4e4b-b2e0-920bd5177f9d Valorous

Kill two blockers with a unit with Valor.

0b045ee5-ffa9-4ce4-85bc-e75b8713f76e A Daring Gambit

Kill more of your own units than enemy with Final Confrontation

9c4c53d3-274b-4298-a3d4-c083975bf636 Hour of Glass

Complete the Hour of Glass Campaign

5a7b6037-b977-4f3a-b248-e6a81d1183e6 Deep Corruption

Make the enemy player discard 4 or more cards with Inevitable Corruption

007933dc-43c5-4aab-b04c-c85eae74c0be Begin Again

Kill everything in play with Waystone Alignment

f122fa7e-082d-4b49-83be-1acecc02d868 Not So Peaceful

Kill an enemy attacker or blocker with Jada.

12cf54c8-25bf-4f48-8956-83477671eb9f Heroism

Play 100 heroes.

a65635c7-60e0-4e9b-b32b-39b66d892ac5 True Companions

Have 5 different heroes at the same time.

44bdca15-162d-4e00-9abd-5c234b8914b2 Perfect Penmanship

Inscribe 50 times.

0350a437-1b47-46a2-b1dc-42284733e3c5 Contract Killer

Take 100 debt.

48147281-e2d0-44fd-bba0-a620e11f3fae Bankruptcy

Have 10 or more remaining debt at one time.

b71f2098-bb91-4f5a-a841-4508f998ca7a Not so Final

Get both effects of Final Balance in a single game.

330d94a9-5812-4875-8bd6-03058b123c95 Spirit of the City

Play a site with Highway Devourer.

46200dad-99c0-460c-a950-cd1878eabb9c Frost Armor

Negate an enemy spell played on Chirganth, Ice Regent.

3b85158d-f0ba-4121-8d79-51fb71e423fa Dragon's Greed

Play all three cards drawn with Draconic Looting.

14c60589-e536-4b5c-a7f0-cd249a1c6d6f Crop Blight

Deal 10 or more damage with Blighted Pasture.

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Level 1
Bronze Badge
Level 2
Silver Badge
Level 3
Gold Badge
Level 4
Diamond Badge
Level 5
Master Badge
Level foil
Eternal Badge - Foil
Bandit Queen
Marshal Ironthorn
Assembly Line
Sandstorm Titan
Ashara, the Deadshot
Icaria, the Liberator
Booster pack 1

Technical Item Data

Item key values

  • level_images/1: e16e6e36eae879107679fc5dc1ce2710818cb99d.png
  • level_images/2: 6b0e78c9e31b73299d735ac79b3be52f25ed1ff8.png
  • level_images/3: be6678f79020abc41dd0686c075ebd251427f354.png
  • level_images/4: df828e9649502e2a02a132e7dda445a148d43d0e.png
  • level_images/5: ef1c3fd800d7f46ee55bac9c11b0c66a20376c69.png
  • level_images/foil: 9fdf3c1ca19f16638dd73dd729ea92bd400147b4.png
  • level_names/1: Bronze Badge
  • level_names/2: Silver Badge
  • level_names/3: Gold Badge
  • level_names/4: Diamond Badge
  • level_names/5: Master Badge
  • level_names/foil: Eternal Badge - Foil

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 1
  • item_description:
  • item_image_large:
  • item_image_small:
  • item_last_changed: 1479510219
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name:
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title:
  • type: 1

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClPZOtoMd-N8RD-pOzLFXn2bzKZK3SMTFpqHrtbMjuPrDH34uWWFDDMR7svSw4GfqJQ-jccb82BPhc01ZlLpWL-lUtvGhM6TcxLcQi-l3JDZ-UknSJFc55RyCPwJ5eM1wkzbU9qD73vXunKZ4XzwiwiDhNmFvQEJNXCrmPh-jhBf8g8
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClPZOtoMd-N8RD-pOzLFXn2bzKZK3SMTFpqHrtbMjuPrDH34uWWFDDMR7svSw4GfqJQ-jccb82BPhc01ZlLpWL-lUtvGhM6TcxLcQi-lyMSMO4jnnMTJJpUkHejcpKKhwlgYEJsXe3jALmWboX0lHstWRpmSvEEJNXCrmPh-ix7kmdM
  • item_image_large: 906ab509e7ec34ee13ebd00e64fa4cc8394fcce3.jpg
  • item_image_small: d550dbc857cfb2b782f856c387230d8ceb481591.png
  • item_last_changed: 1474309376
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Bandit Queen
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Bandit Queen
  • type: 2

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClAZPd_MMrKiyzpruyZFHvlZnHNIiDeGQNtGbEIYGjeqDGs7biQRDudFeAvFg8CdKoN-mAaNJ-PORQ01oAK_TG82VRzGVAqfddCdR2Ew3kSNrh4znFEfcpXyiP2I5eIgl9jaxM4DOniX7yXaomtxScsWUw1HKZJbYqc7DuspsDnLPqEOyc8xLs
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClAZPd_MMrKiyzpruyZFHvlZnHNIiDeGQNtGbEIYGjeqDGs7biQRDudFeAvFg8CdKoN-mAaNJ-PORQ01oAK_TG82VRzGVAqfddCdR2Ew3kSNrh4nyATds1Um3WhJ5LQ1gw2bhVoDLrvUrrFOoXzlXslWUtjS6keZIrA6TuspsDnLPqEAmrC_io
  • item_image_large: c51fc0f9a6934eb36e426f4d3a53dd7a0b0cc737.jpg
  • item_image_small: ed2fe07f298e463dd83e6698984c9f666927164d.png
  • item_last_changed: 1474309464
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Marshal Ironthorn
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Marshal Ironthorn
  • type: 3

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClMdvZpNcnK2U7XqOyIWn36aTDBcniAGgY6G7VWPTrb-GWgtryQEGnPEOAlQlwDL6UN8mFLPJuNPhE6hdQVoXW_0UZyDBItYPpPfQ68zykVYet9yXQRcp1XmnX3JpXa0A00OUNjWu3iXrSXZ4mhxn0nW0luHqlOesvL7zOq9ZXS6h8vMg
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClMdvZpNcnK2U7XqOyIWn36aTDBcniAGgY6G7VWPTrb-GWgtryQEGnPEOAlQlwDL6UN8mFLPJuNPhE6hdQVoXW_0UZyDBItYPpPfQ68zylEMLx2zndAJMpTny2jdcDf1l00ak5uXL-yUurHO4ChwStwVB5nHvVLesvL7zOq9ZWWVJJQIg
  • item_image_large: a4529851b36db170363b210da56c4f236a70ef4b.jpg
  • item_image_small: 99f82f688b26f5ca4ba6a891e7b790521b4137ac.jpg
  • item_last_changed: 1474314354
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Assembly Line
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Assembly Line
  • type: 4

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02CleZOtoK9_J0giwleuZHXqxYTrFKCSESF06RbJaMW-KrDSgtuWTRm2fSLsvR1gNfKVQpGUbNMraO0A-hdMIrSuyh0M7HBk6dsBUTwa2y3MWbLt1nnkTcMhVnyHzd5PZhFw3OhA7X7HnA7nKZ9StmCtyDxlhTKkbbd-L-Hu77tH8aEByNB_1
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02CleZOtoK9_J0giwleuZHXqxYTrFKCSESF06RbJaMW-KrDSgtuWTRm2fSLsvR1gNfKVQpGUbNMraO0A-hdMIrSuyh0M7HBk6dsBUTwa2y3MWbOokyXIUc5kDyCX2L8eK0VkxahBoUrzhUenGOYTxkSt1WU5uG6AbMdqL-Hu77tH8aAd5am7M
  • item_image_large: 43745e0bce27ef27f60de570d7a1450bb2202bc9.jpg
  • item_image_small: 4c281447cb75c874ef9c34a917df1b93c4b3ad3f.jpg
  • item_last_changed: 1474315409
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Sandstorm Titan
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Sandstorm Titan
  • type: 5

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClMdu1tKsqDkiawteqIV1DyaTPXJy7NWldlHOQLOGyL_WKh7OmXF22YQeB4RQ1RevAF9TEcP5_bbEc0ho4C8jXowhAtHEZmeNVBNg202HAWI4IsxSAVIJYEmSL4d5GKgllnaxdtWrnkA-6UPoSskHohVRIyF6geMtmWvnbl-Z6ldLfYeu5xafNQkxxgog
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClMdu1tKsqDkiawteqIV1DyaTPXJy7NWldlHOQLOGyL_WKh7OmXF22YQeB4RQ1RevAF9TEcP5_bbEc0ho4C8jXowhAtHEZmeNVBNg202HAWI4IsxSAVIJZVyHXzcJLb1A5jbk85CezhBb6UbYmhlihxWUxiS6EeNY_BsSHs-cKgdLfYeu5xafNOtHOqAQ
  • item_image_large: 5f90fd15559b29d2cc3446a0bbc0ed0c5414be25.jpg
  • item_image_small: 4b3a4943eea08d64e7b17ee2fbce9b99900540b0.jpg
  • item_last_changed: 1474315871
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Ashara, the Deadshot
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Ashara, the Deadshot
  • type: 6

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 2
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClEZuR-McqDkiawteqIV1j-ajLWLjXWDhhhEOIJYGXc92H34O-RQDnBRu8lEQ5WKKcE8WBBOMqANkA70ocKrWHrzh17TkMsPM9Wd0m5xWYXNK8awSwTIs5fzyT2LsXc1lhkbUU7XbjmVemQOdCgmS9xWBJvSqgSYN3HuyO_8Zb4PunGc68hIvw1nJd9dlM
  • item_image_composed_foil: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdA3g5gMEPvUZZEfSMJ6dESN8p_2SVTY7V2NwMxXUImChCIzb02ClEZuR-McqDkiawteqIV1j-ajLWLjXWDhhhEOIJYGXc92H34O-RQDnBRu8lEQ5WKKcE8WBBOMqANkA70ocKrWHrzh17TkMsPM9Wd0m5xWYXNK8awSwTIs5fnnWhJcLfhw4zaUBjCeuzUO_AOYOtlCkjCB4xGvQbYNqR7Czo-JakO-nGc68hIvw1uPvCs7s
  • item_image_large: 53fe7fb04af75628e9161acc2e71d434183361ec.jpg
  • item_image_small: 59bb525218779b7be503485399b6601fd399f05d.jpg
  • item_last_changed: 1474316546
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name: Icaria, the Liberator
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title: Icaria, the Liberator
  • type: 7

Item data

  • active: true
  • item_class: 5
  • item_description:
  • item_image_composed: IzMF03bk9WpSBq-S-ekoE33L-iLqGFHVaU25ZzQNQcXdBnY7ltYLvVIHHqLGfPMZF5hx5mnYWInWiYBMnGVPwXRTdzH13HhhC9cdhKo
  • item_image_large:
  • item_image_small:
  • item_last_changed: 1479514165
  • item_movie_mp4:
  • item_movie_mp4_small:
  • item_movie_webm:
  • item_movie_webm_small:
  • item_name:
  • item_series: 1
  • item_title:
  • type: 27
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