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City of Heroes Freedom

App ID 205210
App Type Game
Publisher NCsoft
Last Change Number 6820079
Last Record Update 8 August 2018 – 11:16:06 UTC ()

There is only partial information available about this app as SteamDB is missing the access token.

Additional Information

clienticon 9b2a3f67dca6dedf20e733587a78ca3d47ef6077
clienttga c90a2073c6ec1074007dbaffff19f66acb01c2b9
icon cadf648aa1e0e78b720fa044df72583f98aea9e9
logo 1ecdcd95456354de0fa9180fe2d868259fc8c7c6
logo_small 1ecdcd95456354de0fa9180fe2d868259fc8c7c6_thumb
metacritic_name City of Heroes
metacritic_score 85
community_visible_stats Yes
section_type ownersonly
community_hub_visible Yes
Primary Genre Massively Multiplayer (29)
Store Genres Free to Play (37), Action (1), Adventure (25), RPG (3), Massively Multiplayer (29)
Store Asset Modification Time 13 June 2012 – 04:12:39 UTC () (1339560759)
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 13 June 2012 – 04:10:06 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 13 June 2012 – 04:10:06 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 13 June 2012 – 04:10:06 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 13 June 2012 – 04:10:07 UTC

Supported Languages

3 Languages Interface Full Audio Subtitles Achievements
English Yes Yes
German Yes
French Yes

User Tags

ActionAdventureFree to PlayRPGMassively Multiplayer

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
13222 ValveTestApp205210 Comp CD Key 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC

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Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
N_Tutorial_Knowledgeable Knowledgeable

You have proven yourself knowledgeable in the ways of the Paragon Market.

Level10 Protector of Innocents

Reach level 10 on any character.

Level20 Keeper of Peace

Reach level 20 on any character.

Level30 Defender of Truth

Reach level 30 on any character.

Level40 Justice Incarnate

Reach level 40 on any character.

Level50 Hero of the City

Reach level 50 on any character.

Tough Tough

You have endured one hundred thousand points of damage and are still dauntless in your pursuit of justice.

UnwaveringFocus The Unwavering

Though you have been defeated, you continue to fight for Paragon City.

Medic Medic

You have helped your fellow heroes by healing them for two hundred and fifty thousand hit points.

Restrained Restrained

You have been under the influence of restraining powers such as sleeps and holds for an inordinate amount of time.

Celebrity Celebrity

Talk shows are calling you all the time.

Advisor Advisor

You have earned this achievement for your time spent tutoring others.

Tourist Tourist

You have earned 10 badges. You are officially a tourist in Paragon City.

Collector Collector

You have collected 25 badges.

Explorer Explorer

Your diligence has earned you 50 badges.

Pathfinder Pathfinder

Your eye for exploration and achievement is recognized. You have earned 100 badges.

Trailblazer Trailblazer

You can usually tell where a hero is going by having a look at where they've been, and you've left your mark on almost everything you've touched in Paragon City. You've been there, done that, and still adventure beckons you. Carry on, Hero!

500Badges Seeker

You're a hero recognized for your wide range of accomplishments, but you're not done yet!

750Badges Adventurer

You've explored your world and tackled dangerous obstacles that would fell lesser heroes. However, you get the distinct impression there is still much left to do.

1000Badges Questing

You've experienced more in the last few years than most will in their entire lives. That said, you know you're not done yet.

1250Badges Voyager

You've been able to handle everything the world has thrown at you, but you have a sneaking suspicion that there is still much more to be done.

PositronTF Positron's Ally

Positron has awarded you this medal in recognition of services performed for him.

SynapseTF Synapse's Cohort

Synapse has awarded you this medal in recognition of your defeat of the Clockwork King.

SisterPsycheTF Sister Psyche's Comrade

Sister Psyche has expressed her gratitude by presenting you with this medal.

BastionTF Citadel's Assistant

Citadel has awarded you this medal for helping him rid the world of the evil robots based on his programming.

ManticoreTF Manticore's Associate

Manticore was proud to present you with this medal, in recognition of the valor and honor you showed while helping him.

NuminaTF Numina's Compatriot

Numina and the spirit of the Woodsman were pleased to present you with this medal.

STFVictory Saved the World

After defeating Lord Recluse's plan to steal the powers of all the heroes on the planet, you have been recognized as a true world-savior.

AtlasSet Received the Atlas Medallion

Through the might of Atlas, one of the greatest heroes of Paragon City's history, you have gained +5 to your maximum Endurance total.

CreySet Conspiracy Theorist

You have uncovered Crey's conspiracy, one that has been choking Paragon City for years. As a souvenir you have kept a Crey pistol for your own personal use.

DimensionalHopperSet Portal Jockey

Your efforts to help Portal Corporation explore the vast multiverse have earned you the title of Portal Jockey. This perk comes with +5 Endurance and +5% Hit Points.

FreedomPhalanxSet Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member

You have earned a reserve membership into Paragon City's premier Super Group: Freedom Phalanx. This privilege comes with the added perk of +10% Hit Points.

MagusSet Archmage

Your research into the arcane, coupled with your experience in fighting magical foes, has unlocked heretofore unknown magics within you, earning you the title of Archmage. You have learned a spell of protection because of this.

RiktiWarSet Vanguard

Your efforts against the extra-dimensional invaders have been recognized, and you have received the Rikti Resistance Medal. You have found and kept a Rikti power amplifier.

GeasoftheKindOnes Geas of the Kind Ones

Whatever spirits watch over Croatoa have bestowed their blessing upon you. Of course, sometimes a blessing can be more like a curse.

TaskForceCommander Task Force Commander

You have successfully completed each of the Task Forces given out by the Freedom Phalanx.

SafeguardForceOfJustice Force of Justice

You have proven yourself as one of Paragon City's finest heroes by protecting all of the major banks in the city.

SafeguardStouthearted Stouthearted

You've left no stone unturned in your efforts to protect Paragon City's financial infrastructure. Your diligence is greatly appreciated by all.

BatzulSF Binder of Beasts

You fought and defeated the dreaded demon Bat'Zul, the Beast Beneath the Mountain.

SkyRaiderSF Air Pirate

You disrupted the Sky Raiders' wave of thefts and defeated Col. Duray himself on their off-shore base.

WaterTempleSF Leviathan

You have fought and defeated the awakened Eye of the Leviathan in the Temple of the Waters deep beneath Sharkhead Isle.

SerafinaCrystalSF Crystal Keeper

You have destroyed the psychic control network the Circle grew from shards of Serafina's crystal, and recovered the crystal itself.

MiragePatron Mirage

You have chosen Scirocco's cause. He will not forget your noble gesture.

BloodInTheWaterPatron Bloodletter

You're deadly and cold-blooded. Captain Mako appreciates that.

SpidersKissPatron Spider's Kiss

In a world of treachery who can you trust but Ghost Widow?

TheStingerPatron The Stinger

Pretty soon, nobody's gonna be able to touch me. Stick with me and you'll go places,' Black Scorpion said approvingly.

DefeatStatesman Archvillain

You have claimed victory over the greatest hero of Paragon City, the mighty Statesman!

Marshal Marshal

You've been awarded the title of Marshal for your service to Arachnos. This has given you a 5% increase to Endurance.

HeadlineStealer Headline Stealer

In your crime spree you have acquired an Immobilizer Ray. You're not sure where it came from, but it sure is useful stopping foes in their tracks.

BornInBattle Born in Battle

You've proven yourself as Born in Battle, adding 5% to both your Endurance and Hit Point totals.

HighPainThreshold High Pain Threshold

You've got an incredibly High Pain Threshold, an after effect of which is that your Hit Points are 10% greater than normal.

Demonic Demonic

The spirit of a demon resides within you. Bringing it to the surface of your mind can make you highly resistant to all types of damage for a short time. You mustn't let the demon out too long, or you just may lose your mortal soul, forever.

Megalomaniac Megalomaniac

You've wanted more control and now you have it. Activating this power increases the power of all of your Sleeps, Holds, Immobilize, and Confuse for 60 seconds.

MayhemForceOfNature Force of Nature

Paragon City has felt your wrath; you are a true Force of Nature!

MayhemInvader Invader

No corner of Paragon City is safe from your destruction!

CoPComplete Pain Killer

You've completed the Cathedral of Pain and thwarted the Aspect of Rularuu's plans.

InventorAccolade Field Crafter

You are truly a crafting specialist.

OuroborosEnabled Entrusted with the Secret

You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel.

VanguardCoOpTF Apocalyptic

You have defeated the Riktified Hero 1 and fought back the Rikti invasion for the time being.

RIWEAccolade Watchman/Watchwoman

You have defended Paragon City from the invading Rikti!

Flashbaccolade Chronomaster

You are a proven master of Time Travel.

MSMember Midnight Squad

You have proven yourself a worthy ally to the secretive order of mystics, magicians and scholars known as the Midnight Squad. Because of this, they have granted you access to their exclusive Midnighter Club.

TAComplete Temporal Strife

You are one of the few who has travelled back in time to face the 5th Column as they attempted to build a temporal stronghold in the ancient lands of Cimerora.

ArchitectAccolade Mission Engineer

Your overall expertise in everything relating to the Mission Architect system has earned you the title of Mission Engineer.

5thColumnHeroBadge Column Breaker

You defeated Reichsman, an evil alternate of the hero Statesman.

P_AlignmentMission Walking the Path

You strove for what you believe in and, against all odds, came out on top. You completed an Alignment Mission.

P_MoralityMission Made a Stand

Your morality has been demonstrated to all, at least for today. You completed a Morality Mission.

P_ComeFullCircle Come Full Circle

You ended up back right where you started, coming full circle from Hero to Villain and back again.

P_VivaPraetoria Viva Praetoria

Long live Praetoria. You are a well-traveled citizen.

WeeklyTFHelper01 Assistant

You helped a team complete a Weekly Strike Target even though you already received the bonus for the week.

I20_HeroTFComplete Land, Sea & Air

You shut down the alliance between the Sky Raiders and the Praetorian Imperial Defense Force, halting an assault on Skyway City in the process.

I20_VillainTFComplete Promethean

You manipulated Mortimer Kal into helping you acquire some of the Flames of Prometheus from Positron!

IncarnateAlphaSlot Alpha Unlocked

You unlocked your Alpha Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

IncarnateJudgementSlot Judgement Unlocked

You unlocked your Judgement Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

IncarnateInterfaceSlot Interface Unlocked

You unlocked your Interface Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

IncarnateLoreSlot Lore Unlocked

You unlocked your Lore Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

IncarnateDestinySlot Destiny Unlocked

You unlocked your Destiny Incarnate slot allowing you to create powerful new abilities that can be slotted there.

AlphaTF_Complete_Apex Weapon Master/Warrior Princess

You repelled the initial Praetorian invasion forces from Primal Earth and saved what remained of Blyde Square from Battle Maiden!

AlphaTF_Complete_TinMage Alpha Struck

You took the fight to the Praetorians and stopped their plans for a large-scale invasion into the heart of Atlas Park and Grandville!

IT_BAF_Complete Behavior Adjuster

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Behavioral Adjustment Facility.

IT_Lambda_Complete Lambda Leader

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Lambda Sector.

IT_Keyes_Complete Keyes Technician

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Keyes Island Reactor.

IT_Underground_Complete Underground Seeker

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Underground.

IT_TPN_Complete Spin Doctor

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: TPN Campus.

IT_MoM_Complete Mental Voyager

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: The Minds of Mayhem.

IT_DD_Complete Death Denied

You have completed the Incarnate Trial: Dilemma Diabolique.

Mission_DA_Zone_Complete Destroyer of Despair

Mot represented hatred and despair. It tried to twist the memories of all those it came across, aiming to make them believe there was no hope in their lives, that all of their hopes and dreams were meaningless. You fully conquered the forces of Mot and showed the creature just how wrong it was.

SL1_SewerTrial_Complete Hydra Stomper

You went into the depths of the sewers beneath Paragon City and took down two monstrous Hydra heads!

BloodyBayTrial_Complete Sibling Rivalry

You have completed the Challenge Trial: Drowning in Blood.

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