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Idle Monster Frontier

App ID 1664060
App Type Game
Publisher Iron Horse Games
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 13619518
Last Record Update 10 January 2022 – 16:13:58 UTC ()
Release Date 29 July 2021 – 12:10:12 UTC ()

Collect monsters and combine them to conquer the frontier in this challenging idle RPG.


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Additional Information

clienticon 9d5dc3162ee549fb8434fa95e4512e67915f8682
clienttga 95674a3cf8186486c4b9e18c14648c5d051a6be8
icon 71889ec58197a2c7fa035254189b94dd674ce717
logo c18be0431b7f40deebdf5da1fcb34628cc11f348
logo_small c18be0431b7f40deebdf5da1fcb34628cc11f348_thumb
community_visible_stats Yes
ReleaseState released
IsFreeApp Yes
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 29 July 2021 ()
osarch 64
community_hub_visible Yes
0/namePurple Pwny Studios
1/nameIron Horse Games
Primary Genre Free to Play (37)
Store Genres Free to Play (37), Indie (23), RPG (3), Early Access (70)
Supported Languages
1 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 29 July 2021 – 12:10:12 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 16 July 2021 – 13:29:31 UTC () (1626442171)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
osextended empty string
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 01:22:27 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 01:22:27 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 01:22:27 UTC
hero_capsule.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 01:22:27 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 13:29:31 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 16 July 2021 – 13:29:31 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 15 July 2021 – 13:08:37 UTC
review_score 5
review_percentage 64
Detected Technologies (?) Engine.Unity
  • 24 players right now
  • 29 24-hour peak
  • 229 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 24 players right now
  • 29 24-hour peak
  • 229 all-time peak

Owner estimations

  • 3.0 k .. 8.1 k on reviews (20-55)

Store data

  • 96 positive reviews
  • 52 negative reviews
  • 64.86% positive reviews

Twitch Stats

  • 0 viewers right now
  • 0 24-hour peak
  • 9 all-time peak

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How many players are playing Idle Monster Frontier right now on Steam? There are 24 players in Idle Monster Frontier on Steam. Idle Monster Frontier player counter. Idle Monster Frontier Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
591418 Idle Monster Frontier Free on Demand 9 June 2021 – 16:21:50 UTC

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ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
1664061 Idle Monster Frontier Content 156.95 MiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 7744282 19 November 2021 – 15:59:09 UTC

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Unnamed launch option
Executable Idle Monster Frontier.exe
Launch Type Launch (Default)


Key Value
installdir Idle Monster Frontier

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Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
ach_num_monsters_consumed_0 Monstrous Consumption I

Consume 5 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_consumed_1 Monstrous Consumption II

Consume 35 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_consumed_2 Monstrous Consumption III

Consume 125 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_consumed_3 Monstrous Consumption IV

Consume 280 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_consumed_4 Monstrous Consumption V

Consume 500 monsters.

ach_num_sixties_0 Swingin' Sixties I

Reach level 60 with 5 monsters.

ach_num_sixties_1 Swingin' Sixties II

Reach level 60 with 10 monsters.

ach_num_sixties_2 Swingin' Sixties III

Reach level 60 with 15 monsters.

ach_num_sixties_3 Swingin' Sixties IV

Reach level 60 with 20 monsters.

ach_num_sixties_4 Swingin' Sixties V

Reach level 60 with 30 monsters.

ach_num_trait_levels_0 Peace Through Strength I

Level up traits 3 times.

ach_num_trait_levels_1 Peace Through Strength II

Level up traits 10 times.

ach_num_trait_levels_2 Peace Through Strength III

Level up traits 30 times.

ach_num_trait_levels_3 Peace Through Strength IV

Level up traits 60 times.

ach_num_trait_levels_4 Peace Through Strength V

Level up traits 100 times.

ach_gold_now_0 Cash in Hand I

Have 10k gold at one time.

ach_gold_now_1 Cash in Hand II

Have 1M gold at one time.

ach_gold_now_2 Cash in Hand III

Have 10M gold at one time.

ach_gold_now_3 Cash in Hand IV

Have 100M gold at one time.

ach_gold_now_4 Cash in Hand V

Have 1B gold at one time.

ach_travel_distance_0 Going the Distance I

Reach map 4.

ach_travel_distance_1 Going the Distance II

Reach map 10.

ach_travel_distance_2 Going the Distance III

Reach map 40.

ach_travel_distance_3 Going the Distance IV

Reach map 80.

ach_travel_distance_4 Going the Distance V

Reach map 130.

ach_gold_all_time_0 Generational Wealth I

Collect more than 1M gold total.

ach_gold_all_time_1 Generational Wealth II

Collect more than 100M gold total.

ach_gold_all_time_2 Generational Wealth III

Collect more than 1B gold total.

ach_gold_all_time_3 Generational Wealth IV

Collect more than 10B gold total.

ach_gold_all_time_4 Generational Wealth V

Collect more than 100B gold total.

ach_active_tributes_0 Ultimate Sacrifice I

Pay 4 tributes at the Altar.

ach_active_tributes_1 Ultimate Sacrifice II

Pay 10 tributes at the Altar.

ach_active_tributes_2 Ultimate Sacrifice III

Pay 30 tributes at the Altar.

ach_active_tributes_3 Ultimate Sacrifice IV

Pay 60 tributes at the Altar.

ach_active_tributes_4 Ultimate Sacrifice V

Pay 100 tributes at the Altar.

ach_num_monsters_capture_0 Gotta Catch 'Em All I

Capture 5 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_capture_1 Gotta Catch 'Em All II

Capture 15 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_capture_2 Gotta Catch 'Em All III

Capture 170 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_capture_3 Gotta Catch 'Em All IV

Capture 1200 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_capture_4 Gotta Catch 'Em All V

Capture 5000 monsters.

ach_num_stickers_peeled_0 That Peeling Feeling I

Peel 1 sticker.

ach_num_stickers_peeled_1 That Peeling Feeling II

Peel 20 stickers.

ach_num_stickers_peeled_2 That Peeling Feeling III

Peel 80 stickers.

ach_num_stickers_peeled_3 That Peeling Feeling IV

Peel 395 stickers.

ach_num_stickers_peeled_4 That Peeling Feeling V

Peel 1500 stickers.

ach_num_dailies_completed_0 Daily Driver I

Complete 6 daily quests.

ach_num_dailies_completed_1 Daily Driver II

Complete 15 daily quests.

ach_num_dailies_completed_2 Daily Driver III

Complete 48 daily quests.

ach_num_dailies_completed_3 Daily Driver IV

Complete 102 daily quests.

ach_num_dailies_completed_4 Daily Driver V

Complete 180 daily quests.

ach_dimension_reached_0 Dimensional Traveler I

Reach dimension 2.

ach_dimension_reached_1 Dimensional Traveler II

Reach dimension 3.

ach_dimension_reached_2 Dimensional Traveler III

Reach dimension 6.

ach_dimension_reached_3 Dimensional Traveler IV

Reach dimension 8.

ach_dimension_reached_4 Dimensional Traveler V

Reach dimension 11.

ach_num_monsters_scrapped_0 Treasure for Trash I

Scrap 10 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_scrapped_1 Treasure for Trash II

Scrap 150 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_scrapped_2 Treasure for Trash III

Scrap 500 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_scrapped_3 Treasure for Trash IV

Scrap 2500 monsters.

ach_num_monsters_scrapped_4 Treasure for Trash V

Scrap 7000 monsters.

ach_num_bosses_killed_0 Boss Babe I

Defeat 1 boss.

ach_num_bosses_killed_1 Boss Babe II

Defeat 5 bosses.

ach_num_bosses_killed_2 Boss Babe III

Defeat 25 bosses.

ach_num_bosses_killed_3 Boss Babe IV

Defeat 60 bosses.

ach_num_bosses_killed_4 Boss Babe V

Defeat 100 bosses.

ach_num_building_levels_0 Builder I

Level up buildings 5 times.

ach_num_building_levels_1 Builder II

Level up buildings 10 times.

ach_num_building_levels_2 Builder III

Level up buildings 20 times.

ach_num_building_levels_3 Builder IV

Level up buildings 30 times.

ach_num_building_levels_4 Builder V

Level up buildings 40 times.

ach_num_gachapon_pulls_0 Capsule Collector I

Pull 5 monsters from the gachapon.

ach_num_gachapon_pulls_1 Capsule Collector II

Pull 15 monsters from the gachapon.

ach_num_gachapon_pulls_2 Capsule Collector III

Pull 30 monsters from the gachapon.

ach_num_gachapon_pulls_3 Capsule Collector IV

Pull 50 monsters from the gachapon.

ach_num_gachapon_pulls_4 Capsule Collector V

Pull 100 monsters from the gachapon.

ach_highest_common_level_achieved_0 Commonly Leveled I

Reach level 15 with a common.

ach_highest_common_level_achieved_1 Commonly Leveled II

Reach level 60 with a common.

ach_highest_common_level_achieved_2 Commonly Leveled III

Reach level 95 with a common.

ach_highest_common_level_achieved_3 Commonly Leveled IV

Reach level 125 with a common.

ach_highest_common_level_achieved_4 Commonly Leveled V

Reach level 135 with a common.

ach_highest_rare_level_achieved_0 Rarely Leveled I

Reach level 15 with a rare.

ach_highest_rare_level_achieved_1 Rarely Leveled II

Reach level 60 with a rare.

ach_highest_rare_level_achieved_2 Rarely Leveled III

Reach level 95 with a rare.

ach_highest_rare_level_achieved_3 Rarely Leveled IV

Reach level 125 with a rare.

ach_highest_rare_level_achieved_4 Rarely Leveled V

Reach level 135 with a rare.

ach_highest_epic_level_achieved_0 Epicly Leveled I

Reach level 15 with an epic.

ach_highest_epic_level_achieved_1 Epicly Leveled II

Reach level 60 with an epic.

ach_highest_epic_level_achieved_2 Epicly Leveled III

Reach level 95 with an epic.

ach_highest_epic_level_achieved_3 Epicly Leveled IV

Reach level 125 with an epic.

ach_highest_epic_level_achieved_4 Epicly Leveled V

Reach level 135 with an epic.

ach_highest_legendary_level_achieved_0 Legendarily Leveled I

Reach level 15 with a legendary.

ach_highest_legendary_level_achieved_1 Legendarily Leveled II

Reach level 60 with a legendary.

ach_highest_legendary_level_achieved_2 Legendarily Leveled III

Reach level 95 with a legendary.

ach_highest_legendary_level_achieved_3 Legendarily Leveled IV

Reach level 125 with a legendary.

ach_highest_legendary_level_achieved_4 Legendarily Leveled V

Reach level 135 with a legendary.

ach_highest_master_level_achieved_0 Masterfully Leveled I

Reach level 15 with a master.

ach_highest_master_level_achieved_1 Masterfully Leveled II

Reach level 60 with a master.

ach_highest_master_level_achieved_2 Masterfully Leveled III

Reach level 95 with a master.

ach_highest_master_level_achieved_3 Masterfully Leveled IV

Reach level 125 with a master.

ach_highest_master_level_achieved_4 Masterfully Leveled V

Reach level 135 with a master.


API Name Display Name Default Value
num_monsters_consumed Monsters Consumed 0
highest_monster_level Highest Monster Level 1
num_sixties Level 60+ Monsters 0
num_trait_levels Trait Levels 0
gold_now Gold At One Time 0
travel_distance Map Reached 1
gold_all_time Total Gold Earned 0
active_tributes Tributes Completed 0
num_monsters_captured Monsters Captured 0
num_stickers_peeled Stickers Peeled 0
num_dailies_completed Dailies Completed 0
dimension_reached Dimension Reached 1
num_monsters_scrapped Monsters Scrapped 0
num_quests_completed Quests Completed 0
num_bosses_killed Bosses Killed 0
num_building_levels Building Levels 0
num_gachapon_pulls Gachapon Pulls 0
highest_common_level_achieved Highest Common Level 0
highest_rare_level_achieved Highest Rare Level 0
highest_epic_level_achieved Highest Epic Level 0
highest_legendary_level_achieved Highest Legendary Level 0
highest_master_level_achieved Highest Master Level 0
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