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App ID 113400
App Type Game
Publisher Little Orbit
Supported Systems Windows
Last Change Number 11703200
Last Record Update 16 December 2020 – 16:30:38 UTC ()
Release Date 7 December 2011 – 01:12:00 UTC ()

The world’s first and premier Action MMO Third Person Shooter allows you to choose between two sides of the law. Play as Enforcer or Criminal, customize your gear for the task at hand and hit the streets and play how you want in a city filled with more action this side of a Hollywood blockbuster.


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Additional Information

clienticon 10462dbaec4e12412573c24003105f39a1b5721e
clienttga 305b24ce273afb454f4bb646823801fdb513f74a
icon 3b3c7a71ffa158894640bef2795a82c6f52b136b
logo 0b7c23dc23ebf4059e1d862942d2784ba9f42dca
logo_small 0b7c23dc23ebf4059e1d862942d2784ba9f42dca_thumb
gamedir APB Reloaded
metacritic_name APB Reloaded
icon empty string
NoServers Yes
primarycache 113401
state eStateAvailable
serverbrowsername empty string
community_visible_stats Yes
IsFreeApp Yes
0/nameAPB Reloaded EULA
Exclude from family sharing (exfgls) Yes
Store Release Date 6 December 2011 ()
community_hub_visible Yes
0/nameReloaded Productions
1/nameLittle Orbit
Primary Genre Free to Play (37)
Store Genres Action (1), Free to Play (37), Massively Multiplayer (29)
Supported Languages
1 LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
Steam Release Date 7 December 2011 – 01:12:00 UTC ()
Store Asset Modification Time 19 September 2019 – 00:20:56 UTC () (1568852456)
library_capsuleen view portrait image
library_heroen view hero background
library_logoen view logo image
Is free on the store? Yes
Web Assets
capsule_231x87.jpgLast-Modified: 18 September 2019 – 22:46:53 UTC
capsule_231x87_alt_assets_0.jpgLast-Modified: 9 December 2018 – 01:54:00 UTC
capsule_467x181.jpgLast-Modified: 18 September 2019 – 22:45:28 UTC
capsule_616x353.jpgLast-Modified: 18 September 2019 – 22:45:28 UTC
capsule_616x353_alt_assets_0.jpgLast-Modified: 9 December 2018 – 01:54:55 UTC
header.jpgLast-Modified: 18 September 2019 – 22:45:28 UTC
header_alt_assets_0.jpgLast-Modified: 9 December 2018 – 01:54:00 UTC
library_600x900.jpgLast-Modified: 19 September 2019 – 00:10:06 UTC
library_hero.jpgLast-Modified: 19 September 2019 – 00:20:56 UTC
logo.pngLast-Modified: 2 September 2019 – 20:48:54 UTC
page_bg_raw.jpgLast-Modified: 18 September 2019 – 23:12:34 UTC
review_score 5
review_percentage 63
Detected Technologies (?) Engine.Unreal, SDK.Bink_Video, SDK.NVIDIA_PhysX, SDK.OpenAL
  • 286 players right now
  • 349 24-hour peak
  • 11,813 all-time peak

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Concurrent players

  • 286 players right now
  • 349 24-hour peak
  • 11,813 all-time peak

Owner estimations

Store data

  • 22,650 positive reviews
  • 12,895 negative reviews
  • 63.72% positive reviews

Playtime estimations by SteamSpy

  • 20.2 hours median playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 2.4 hours median total playtime
  • 20.2 hours average playtime in last 2 weeks
  • 21.4 hours average total playtime

Twitch Stats

  • 58 viewers right now
  • 118 24-hour peak
  • 38,710 all-time peak

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How many players are playing APB Reloaded right now on Steam? There are 286 players in APB Reloaded on Steam. APB Reloaded player counter. APB Reloaded Steam charts.

Packages that include this app

SubID Name Billing Type Last Update
21311 APB Reloaded Free on Demand 12 June 2018 – 20:21:13 UTC
329251 APB Reloaded ( 113400 ) - complimentary reviewer package No Cost 9 December 2018 – 02:55:05 UTC

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Downloadable Content

AppID Name Last Update
113402 APB Reloaded - Steam Exclusive Items 12 February 2019 – 23:35:41 UTC
113403 APB Reloaded - APB Owner Item 12 February 2019 – 23:35:41 UTC
113405 APB Reloaded: Urban Survival Pack 8 September 2021 – 14:08:45 UTC
226490 APB Reloaded – Urban Survival Pack (fall 2012) (APB Reloaded - Urban Survival Pack) 12 February 2019 – 23:35:41 UTC
265060 The New Blood Booster Pack (APB Reloaded: New Blood Booster Pack) 23 April 2020 – 19:28:48 UTC
265061 The Key to the City Pack (APB Reloaded: Key to the City Pack) 12 February 2019 – 23:35:41 UTC


ID Name Max Size OS Extra Info
228984 VC 2012 Redist 13.11 MiB Depot from 228980
229002 .NET 4.0 Redist 48.11 MiB Depot from 228980
113401 APB Depot 6.89 GiB
113409 APB Reloaded Installscript 1.33 KiB


Name Description Build ID Time Updated
public 3566366 15 February 2019 – 23:01:39 UTC
beta 2194477 12 October 2017 – 23:34:48 UTC
local Local Content Server 2156774 28 September 2017 – 19:33:20 UTC


Name Value
overridescddb 1

Raw Information

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Launch Options

0. Play APB Reloaded
Executable Launcher\APBLauncher.exe
Launch Type Unspecified


Key Value
contenttype 3
installdir APB Reloaded
noupdatesafterinstall 1

Other apps that reference this app



Crunching history, just for you…

API name Display name and description Icons
Ach_Assists Reinforcement

Earned by assisting groupmates kill 100 enemy players.

Ach_BackUp Help!

Earned by successfully calling in backup 100 times.

Ach_CrimCarThief Car Thief

Earned by stealing and delivering 1000 vehicles.

Ach_CrimHitman Hitman

Earned by killing 10000 enemy players.

Ach_CrimKillPrestige5Behind Playing Dirty...

Earned by killing a Prestige 5 Enforcer by shooting him in the back.

Ach_CrimMastermind Criminal Mastermind

Earned by successfully completing 100 Missions.

Ach_CrimNotoriety5Time Most Wanted

Earned by spending an hour total at notoriety 5.

Ach_CrimPristineVehicleDelivery Cherry Ride

Earned by succesfully delivering 50 vehicles in pristine condition.

Ach_CrimRamRaids Five Finger Discount

Earned by ram raiding 500 shopfronts.

Ach_CrimVandalism Hooligan

Earned by completing 100 mission objectives which require vandalizing a target.

Ach_EnfArrestKillStreak Busted

Earned by arresting a player who is on a kill streak.

Ach_EnfArrestStreak SuperCop

Earned by arresting 5 criminals without dying.

Ach_EnfDetective Detective

Earned by successfully completing 100 Missions.

Ach_EnfKnockoutEnemy Sweet Dreams Asshole

Earned by stunning 500 opposing players with less than lethal weapons.


Earned by killing 10000 Criminals. These kills must be honorable (i.e. killing arrested players doesn't count).

Ach_EnfTakeoutNotoriety5 Bounty Hunter

Earned by arresting/killing 5 criminals who are notoriety 5.

Ach_EnfTimePrestige5 Dangerous Individual

Earned by spending an hour total at prestige 5.

Ach_EnfWitnessing Out on Patrol

Earned by witnessing 15 criminals performing crimes.

Ach_HealthRegenerated R&R

Earned by regenerating enough health to have healed you fully 99 times.

Ach_KillFromBehind Backstabber

Earned by killing 25 enemies from behind.

Ach_KillGroupAsPassenger Drive-by Annihilation

Earned by killing an entire enemy group at once as the passenger of a vehicle.

Ach_KillGroupDestroyedVehicle Boom goes the Dynamite!

Earned by killing an entire enemy group by destroying a vehicle.

Ach_KillNot5FromBehind Cold-blooded

Earned by killing a player who is notoriety 5 from behind.

Ach_KillOppAsPassenger Drive-by

Earned by killing 50 opposing players as a passenger in a vehicle.

Ach_KillOppInVehicleWGrenade CarBoom!

Earned by killing an opponent in a vehicle with a grenade.

Ach_Max2T4Contacts Friends in High Places

Earned by completing all contacts from Waterfront and Financial factions.

Ach_Max3Roles Skills to Pay the Bills

Earned by obtaining 45 ranks in roles or achievements.

Ach_MedalsWon Medal Chaser

Earned by winning 100 positive medals in opposed missions.

Ach_MiscMetersSprinted Olympic Contender

Earned by sprinting 50km in total.

Ach_MiscMVP Most Valuable Player

Earned by achieving the MVP status at the end of a match 5 times total

Ach_OpposedGameTime Seasoned Veteran

Earned by spending a full day of gametime opposed to enemy players.

Ach_OWGraffiti Indoctrinate the Masses

Earned by tagging 50 open world graffiti points.

Ach_OWLargeDelivery Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Heat...

Earned by successfully delivering 25 large task items.

Ach_OWMediumDelivery Mailman

Earned by successfully delivering 100 medium task items.

Ach_OWSmallDelivery If You Could Sign by the X

Earned by successfully delivering 500 small task items.

Ach_OWVehicleDelivery Valet

Earned by successfully delivering 100 vehicles.

Ach_PlayerVehicleDestroyed CarBeque

Earned by destroying a 100 vehicles while the driver is at the wheel.

Ach_StartGroups Natural Born Leader

Earned by starting 100 groups.

Ach_Threat30 Kind of a Big Deal

Earned by achieving max threat.

Ach_VehicleKills Right of Way

Earned by killing 500 players with a vehicle.

Ach_VehicleRepairAmount Grease Monkey

Earned by repairing enough vehicle damage to fully repair 400 average vehicles.

Ach_Max_Bloodroses_t0 New Blood

Max your Standing with the first Bloodrose Contacts; Strega Bloodrose & Britney Bloodrose

Ach_Max_GKing_T0 Original G

Max your Standing with the first G-King Contacts; Veronika Lee & Terri Quan

Ach_Max_Praetorian_T0 New to the Force

Max your Standing with the first Praetorian Contacts; Ty Durrant & Eva Orlandez.

Ach_Max_Prentiss_T0 First Pick

Max your Standing with the first Prentiss Tiger Contacts; Violet Prentiss & Chung Hee

Ach_Max_Bloodroses_T4 Blood-Brother

Max your Standing with the Bloodrose Kingpin, Michael Simeone.

Ach_Max_GKing_T4 Friend of Gresty

Max your Standing with the G-King leader, Arlon Benjamin.

Ach_Max_Praetorian_T4 ShadowStrike Elite

Max your Standing with the Praetorian CEO, Justin Teng.

Ach_Max_Prentiss_T4 Track Star

Max your Standing with the Prentiss Tiger's team captain, Orlenz Moretti.

Ach_1Halloween_Infection_BecomeProtagonist Head of the Class


Ach_1Halloween_Infection_KillAsPumpkinHead Bloodshed


Ach_1Halloween_Infection_Survived Last Known Survivor


Ach_1Halloween_Infections_GamesPlayed Halloween Enthusiast


Ach_1Chaos_TimeStreak Anarchy - Survivor


Ach_1Chaos_KillStats_TotalKills Anarchy - Provocateur


Contagion_ColbyClassicDeaths Infected


Ach_1Holiday_Christmas_GunGame_Score_2015 Deck the Halls 2015

Earned by gaining score in the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event. - Unlocks the 'Elf Hat and Ears' for purchase on completion.

Ach_1Holiday_Christmas_SecretSanta_Pickup_2015 Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2015

Grab weapons from Secret Santa Gift Boxes and kill others in order to earn this achievement. - Unlocks the Raptor 'Hawk' Assault Rifle for purchase when completed.

Ach_1Holiday_Christmas_GunGame_Score_2014 Deck the Halls 2014

Earned by gaining score in the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event in 2014. - Unlocks the FAR 'Vanguard' for purchase on completion.

Ach_1Holiday_Christmas_SecretSanta_Pickup_2014 Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a... 2014

Grab weapons from Secret Santa Gift Boxes and kill others in order to earn this achievement. - Unlocks the FAR 'Charger' Assault Rifle for purchase when completed.


API Name Display Name Default Value
AmmoStats_AmmoCarrierResupplies Ammo Carrier Deployments 0
AmmoStats_ClipsResuppliedToOtherPlayers Ammo Clips Resupplied 0
ArrestStats_AgainstEnemy Arrests Performed 0
ArrestStats_RescuedFriendly Rescues Performed 0
CustomiseStats_Broker Marketplace Sales 0
CustomiseStats_FashionMogul Cash Raised via Symbol Licensing 0
CustomiseStats_ImageDesign Symbols Created 0
CustomiseStats_Profiteer Marketplace Profits 0
CustomiseStats_WeaponSmith_FNModsApplied Weapon Modifications Applied 0
DamageStats_TotalDamageInflictedOnEnemies Total Damage to Enemy Players 0
KillStats_AgainstTaskItemCarriers Kills of Task Item Carriers 0
KillStats_AgainstVIPs VIP Kills 0
KillStats_Assists Assists 0
KillStats_Dishonourable Dishonorable Kills 0
KillStats_DriverAssist Passenger Assists 0
KillStats_EnemiesFromVehicleUsingNonExplosiveWeapons Kills from Vehicle using Non-Explosive Weapons 0
KillStats_EnemiesKilledAsGroupInDestroyedVehicle Kills of Groups in Vehicles 0
KillStats_EnemyTeamAnnihilation Highest Run of Consecutive Kills 0
KillStats_FriendlyKills Friendly Kills 0
KillStats_FromBehind Enemies Killed from Behind 0
KillStats_HonourableKills Honorable Kills 0
KillStats_KillEnemyGroupFromPassengerSeat Kills of Groups from Passenger Seat 0
KillStats_KillEnemyInVehicleUsingGrenade Enemies Killed in Vehicles using Grenades 0
KillStats_KillWithGrenadeWeapon Kills with Grenades 0
KillStats_KillWithPrimaryWeapon Kills with Primary Weapons 0
KillStats_KillWithSecondaryWeapon Kills with Secondary Weapons 0
KillStats_Notoriety5FromBehind Notoriety 5 Enemies Killed from Behind 0
KillStats_Prestige5FromBehind Prestige 5 Enemies Killed from Behind 0
KillStats_WhileDriving Kills while Driving 0
KillStats_WhileLeaningOutOfVehicle Kills Leaning out of Vehicle 0
KnockoutStats_Enemies Stuns Inflicted 0
MatchStats_AverageRespawnsPerMatch Average Re-spawns per Match 0
MatchStats_BackupsCalledIn Calls for Backup 0
MatchStats_EndMissionAsMVP Number of Times MVP 0
MatchStats_NumberOpposed Opposed Matches Played 0
MatchStats_NumberUnopposed Unopposed Matches Played 0
MatchStats_TotalLost Total Matches Lost 0
MatchStats_TotalPaid Cash Rewards Earned 0
MatchStats_TotalPlayed Total Matches Played 0
MatchStats_TotalWon Total Matches Won 0
MatchStats_WinPercentage Percentage Matches Won 0
MatchStats_WinStreak Longest Win Streak 0
MedalStats_MedalsWon Medals Won 0
MiscStats_BecomeGroupLeader Number of Times Group Leader 0
MiscStats_CarsStolen Vehicles Stolen 0
MiscStats_ContactLevelUp Contact Levels Achieved 0
MiscStats_NumberOfSongsProduced Songs Produced 0
MiscStats_OpenWorldGraffiti Open World Graffiti Sprayed 0
MiscStats_OrganisationLevelUp Organization Levels Achieved 0
MiscStats_PlayerHealthRegenerated Total Health Regenerated 0
MiscStats_RandomRewardsReceived Random Rewards Received 0
MiscStats_ReachNotoriety5 Number of Times at Notoriety 5 0
MiscStats_ReachPrestige5 Number of Times at Prestige 5 0
MiscStats_ReachThreat30 Number of Times at Max Threat 0
MiscStats_RoleLevelUp Role Levels Achieved 0
MiscStats_SelfCrimesWitnessed Number of Times Witnessed by Others 0
MiscStats_ShopsRamRaided Ram-raids Performed 0
MiscStats_SprintingDistance Total Distance Sprinted 0
MiscStats_SuccessfulWitnessings Witnesses Performed 0
MiscStats_VehicleDamageRepaired Total Vehicle Damage Repaired 0
OpenWorld_LargeTaskItemDelivered Large Task Items Delivered 0
OpenWorld_MediumTaskItemDelivered Medium Task Items Delivered 0
OpenWorld_MuggingsCompleted Muggings Performed 0
OpenWorld_SmallTaskItemDelivered Small Task Items Delivered 0
SelfArrestedStats_SelfArrested Number of Times Arrested 0
SelfArrestedStats_SelfRescued Number of Times Rescued 0
SelfDeathStats_ByEnemy Killed by Enemies 0
SelfDeathStats_ByFriendly Killed by Friendly Fire 0
SelfDeathStats_ByOwnHand Accidental Deaths 0
SelfDeathStats_DeathByEnemyGrenadeWeapon Deaths by Grenades 0
SelfDeathStats_DeathByEnemyPrimaryWeapon Deaths by Primary Weapons 0
SelfDeathStats_DeathByEnemySecondaryWeapon Deaths by Secondary Weapons 0
SelfDeathStats_KillToDeathRatio Kill to Death Ratio 0
SelfDeathStats_SuicidePercentage Percentage Deaths by Misadventure 0
SelfDeathStats_WhileLeaningOutOfVehicle Deaths by Players Leaning out of Vehicles 0
StreakStats_ArrestEnemyKillStreak Arrests Interrupting an Enemy Kill Streak 0
StreakStats_ArrestStreak Longest Arrest Streak 0
StreakStats_KillEnemyArrestStreak Kills Interrupting an Enemy Arrest Streak 0
StreakStats_KillEnemyKillStreak Kills Interrupting an Enemy Kill Streak 0
StreakStats_KillStreak Longest Kill Streak 0
StreakStats_TakeoutStreak Longest Takeout Streak 0
TakeoutStats_AgainstEnemy Total Enemy Takeouts 0
TakeoutStats_Notoriety5 Takeouts of Enemies at Notoriety 5 0
TakeoutStats_Prestige5 Takeouts of Enemies at Prestige 5 0
TaskTargetStats_ArsonsCompleted Arsons Committed 0
TaskTargetStats_BombDefusesCompleted Bombs Defused 0
TaskTargetStats_BombingsCompleted Bombings Committed 0
TaskTargetStats_BurglariesCompleted Burglaries Committed 0
TaskTargetStats_CSICompleted Crime Scenes Investigated 0
TaskTargetStats_GraffitiCompleted Graffiti Sprayed 0
TaskTargetStats_LockPicksCompleted Locks Picked 0
TaskTargetStats_PersonallyCompleted Mission Targets Completed 0
TaskTargetStats_ProtectionsCompleted VIPs Protected 0
TaskTargetStats_TaskItemsDelivered Task Items Delivered 0
TaskTargetStats_VandalismsCompleted Targets Vandalized 0
TimeStats_TotalActionDistrictTime Total Action District Time 0
TimeStats_TotalAnyEditorTime Total Customization Editor Time 0
TimeStats_TotalCharacterEditorTime Total Character Editor Time 0
TimeStats_TotalClothingEditorTime Total Wardrobe Time 0
TimeStats_TotalGameTime Total Game Time 0
TimeStats_TotalMatchTime Total Match Time 0
TimeStats_TotalMusicEditorTime Total Music Studio Time 0
TimeStats_TotalNotoriety5Time Total Time at Notoriety 5 0
TimeStats_TotalPrestige5Time Total Time at Prestige 5 0
TimeStats_TotalSocialDistrictTime Total Social District Time 0
TimeStats_TotalSymbolEditorTime Total Symbol Designer Time 0
TimeStats_TotalTutorialDistrictTime Total Tutorial Time 0
TimeStats_TotalVehicleEditorTime Total Garage Time 0
Total_Deaths Total Deaths 0
Total_Kills Total Kills 0
VehicleStats_Delivered Vehicles Delivered 0
VehicleStats_DeliveredInPristineCondition Pristine Vehicles Delivered 0
VehicleStats_DrivenVehiclesDestroyed_NPC NPC Vehicles Destroyed 0
VehicleStats_DrivenVehiclesDestroyed_Player Player Vehicles Destroyed 0
KillStats_AssaultRifles Assault Rifle Kills 0
KillStats_BFR Burst Fire Rifle Kills 0
KillStats_GrenadeLaunchers Grenade Launcher Kills 0
KillStats_LMG LMG Kills 0
KillStats_RocketLauncher Rocket Launcher Kills 0
KillStats_SAR Semi Auto Rifle Kills 0
KillStats_Shotguns Shotgun Kills 0
KillStats_SMG SMG Kills 0
KillStats_SniperRifles Sniper Rifle Kills 0
KillStats_TAR Tactical Assault Rifle Kills 0
TaskTargetStats_ForceEntryCompleted Forced Entry Completions 0
TaskTargetStats_HacksCompleted Hacks Completed 0
TaskTargetStats_BugsPlanted Bugs Planted 0
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