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ULTRAKILL update for 28 August 2022

Patch 11b Changelog

Share · View all patches · Build 9404804 · Last edited 28 August 2022 – 23:13:11 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

General changes:

  • Most assets are now loaded in before the main menu instead of when the player picks a chapter in the Chapter Select menu
  • Hard Damage bar now flashes yellow whenever the player takes Hard Damage
  • Added 2 new major assists: Disable Whiplash Hard Damage and Disable Weapon Freshness
  • Added a tutorial message in 5-3 explaining how to use the Rocket Launcher against Soldiers
  • Spawner arm slot changed from 5 to 6
  • Added a weapon icon for the Spawner Arm
  • Added an "Under Construction" text to the Very Hard difficulties
  • Cyber Grind score font size should now scale down to show more digits if required
  • Disabled the "Checkpoint" option in the pause menu for the Cyber Grind to reduce accidental restarts
  • A coin's max distance to attempt hitting a core eject or rocket is now based on the core's distance to the player rather than the coin to make "orbital nukes" possible again

Whiplash, Style and Hard Damage changes:

  • Player will no longer descend 2 style ranks when getting hit at S or above
  • Whiplash will now only cause Hard Damage if the current Hard Damage is below 50
  • Whiplash no longer builds up Hard Damage while the player is underwater
  • Hard damage cooldown from Whiplashing is now relative to the previous amount of hard damage rather than always resetting to the maximum total amount
  • Reverted player momentum loss when cancelling a pull on a heavy enemy
  • Red damage overlay no longer shows up while Whiplashing on ULTRAKILL rank
  • Whiplash now passes through Idols and blessed enemies
  • Blessed enemies no longer give most style bonuses
  • Dual Wield will now reduce the decay of weapon freshness
  • Weapon freshness regain is now also different per weapon

Rocket Launcher changes:

  • Freezeframe rocket launcher will now automatically cancel its freeze if all its frozen rockets have been destroyed
  • Rockets now only track towards magnets that are attached to enemies
  • Rockets now break magnets after 3 hits on an enemy with a magnet attached to them (a mid-air hit counts as 2)
  • Chaining 3 or more rocket rides without touching the ground will cause diminishing returns on rocket riding time
  • Coins will no longer target a rocket the player is riding on

Enemy changes:

  • Punches now properly auto-aim to Idols
  • Idols are now breakable with a Knuckleblaster explosion
  • Added a vertical light shaft on Idols that shows them from a distance
  • Riding on a Malicious Face will no longer rotate the player alongside the Face
  • Removed headshot multiplier from Leviathan's heart to reduce the damage of ricoshots
  • Timer in 5-4 now stops when Leviathan dies to reduce frustration due to the length of its death animation
  • Soldier terminal now mentions their explosion resistance
  • Soldiers can no longer block explosions while blind
  • Soldiers can no longer block Mindflayer death explosions or Malicious Face explosions caused by hitting a core eject or coin
  • Reduced Soldiers' explosion resistance on Violent difficulty from 100% to 75%, matching Standard difficulty
  • Changed most Soldiers in 5-3's final rooms into Strays
  • Added enemy silhouettes and colors for Sentries, Idols and Ferrymen
  • Added custom spawn sounds for Ferryman and Idol
  • Gabriel 2nd now only takes half damage during his juggle phase
  • Altered Cyber Grind spawn rates and waves for multiple enemies
  • Uncommon type enemies can now only use a maximum of half the current Cyber Grind wave's point reserve
  • Extended the distance that Swordsmachines and Ferrymen are be brave enough to jump down
  • Increased tracking speed for Ferryman's lightning bolt


  • Added keybind option for Slot 5
  • Camera no longer clips through the world when shaking
  • Fixed doors in some layers not closing when supposed to, causing connected rooms to no longer load in
  • Fixed Ferryman's bestiary entry not having a Strategy section
  • Filled 2 holes in the collision mesh of the Ferryman's ship in 5-2
  • Fixed Overheat Nailgun's sound
  • Fixed the restart/quit prompt appearing behind the pause menu in some old levels
  • Gabriel 1st no longer accidentally uses a taunt from Gabriel 2nd
  • Fixed resolution sometimes resetting on level load or reset
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher sometimes becoming unequippable after using the Spawner Arm cheat
  • Rocket Launcher and Shotgun weapon orders are no longer linked
  • Fixed inconsistent rocket freezing with Freezeframe when under the effects of a dual wield powerup
  • A rocket has to have been frozen at least once before it can be ridden
  • Rocket riding rotation no longer dependant on framerate
  • Ridden rockets can no longer be rotated while the game is paused
  • Fixed ridden rockets jittering when out of rocket riding time on the surface of water
  • Rocket Launcher now auto-aims correctly
  • Fixed player pulling out a gun while using a shop after pausing, unpausing and using the scrollwheel
  • Maxing out the style meter while in ULTRAKILL rank will no longer cause it to overflow and reset
  • Player can no longer clip through surfaces by rotating a frozen rocket while riding it
  • Player can no longer be knocked off a rocket by lag or a low framerate
  • Coins now inherit rocket ride velocity
  • Fixed some typos
  • Cyber Grind end-of-wave heal should no longer be blocked by explosions
  • Fixed 5-4 sea kill plane not being wide enough
  • Fixed a softlock in 6-1 caused by placing the red skull on the secret fight altar and resetting back to a checkpoint before the exterior section
  • The final arena in 6-1 will no longer re-lock if the player beats it, goes back and activates a checkpoint from a previous part of the level and then walks back to the final arena
  • Smaller normal explosion inside a core eject malicious railcannon nuke connecting first will no longer cause Soldiers to block nukes
  • Ferrymen now have a Stalker and Idol priority rank
  • Spawn rotation for all enemies in the Spawner Arm has been made consistent
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling in Wrath and Heresy pre-boss terminals to not work if the player has downscaling enabled
  • Fixed Wrath and Heresy pre-boss terminals not displaying the correct Tip of the Day
  • Made the check for a low ceiling wider to reduce chances of a crouching player standing up clipping through a ceiling
  • Fixed fish in 5-1 sometimes appearing where they shouldn't
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the 5-1 fish to multiply whenever the main cave is re-entered
  • Fixed 5-1 intro cave pits not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed some holes in 5-1 geometry
  • Arm sprites in 5-2 sea are now affected by fog
  • Fixed a section of the 5-2 ship not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed the Lust cityscape not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed the rank square in the chapter select for Act 2 being visible when the chapter isn't unlocked yet
  • Fixed alternate terminals in Secret mission and Prime Sanctum not playing music
  • 6-1 interior checkpoints will now also reset exterior areas in case the player skips the first exterior checkpoint
  • Fixed Ferryman lightning bolt windup sometimes staying after the Ferryman dies
  • Fixed Gabriel getting stuck in the environment during his dash
  • Fixed Gabriel 2nd freezing if hitting the ceiling right when about to swap to second phase
  • Fixed Gabriel 2nd sometimes getting instakilled if stuck between the ceiling and the player in the phase change juggle
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