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Cyberfrags '69 update for 28 January 2022

Pile o' Patch-Notes

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

New gun! New maps! Significant movement refinements! Lots of stuff happened since the last dump of patch notes, sorry for the delay. If you want more current info join the Discord ( ) where I post all this live, it's also a great way to find other players! Thanks for all the support, and keep fraggin'!

Quick update

-increased size of projectile on Cyber-Deagle, Sharpshot-420 primary, and Singularity
-Improved look and function of damage indicator.

New Update!

Whenever I'm in a bit of a creative block, I make a gun.

-the new gun, the "Zip-Gun", is a chonker of a movement weapon.

  1. Primary fire: Single-shot railroad-spike that fucks. shit. up. It deals more damage than any other damage source in the game, but is relatively slow-moving. In multiplayer it is strictly worse than the Sammy primary and Sharpshot-420 alt, but in PvE it gets crazy. Bodyshots will kill cats in one shot, and headshots will kill literally anything in the game so-far.
  2. Alternate fire: Zip-line! You need to have a solid anchor both in front and behind, just right-click and you'll move in a straight line in the direction you fired, accelerating up to 35m/s at a rate of 75m/s^2.

Quick Hotfix!

Surprise, surprise, There was a bug on the new gun. Well, two bugs. They're fixed now.

Quick Update!

New Zip-gun art and stuff

-New Zip-Gun art. It's pretty FAT now
-Fixed a kill plane in level 2.

New Update!

fast stuff and tweaks

-Added speed settings to multiplayer! The host can now set the max horizontal speed of players! There are 4 settings:

  1. Slow: 25m/s
  2. Normal: 35m/s
  3. Turbo: 50m/s
  4. HyperTurbo: 100m/s

-Added self-destruct timer on Big Fuck-off Gun. After 30 seconds of use, you die!

Quick hotfix:

Fixed Sharpshot-420 scoped FOV bug

Quick Hotfix

Fixed door to final room in Level 2

Quick update!

Alright, Quakers, you got your damn wish. Thank the QoL fairy.

-You can now type a specific value into FOV and Sensitivity fields.

Quick Update!

Added message in server-browser for when no servers are available. It points people toward the discord to find players!

New Update!

New Map and stuff.

-New map, Hills, is one of the largest maps yet. It's an attempt at some really simple environment design, with a "biosphere" look. Available in FFA, TDM, CTF, GG and OB.
-It turns out the rotation of pickups is a significant performance hog (300+ fps in Hills before adding them, ~120 after, on a fairly beefy system). So the rotation now happens at only 12fps. I chose that because it has that old-school animation look.

Quick update!


-Added Co-Op wave survival to Hills
-Players can now switch spawn weapon without dying during pre-match countdown.


Quick update!

Tweaks and fixes

-Fixed issue where manually entering FOV or Sensitivity while in multiplayer caused the values to be set to zero. Ever tried playing CF when you can only see one pixel? Performance was amazing, though 🤣
-Slightly tightened up hip-spread of M6a9 Carbine
-Slightly decreased heat-per-shot on Zip-Gun, allowing you to just barely squeeze off 2 shots before overheating.

Quick update

Fixes and tweaks

-Removed shadow cast by first-person meshes.
-I got tired of seeing how @AprO butchered my crosshairs by setting the radius to 0, so now if you set it to 0, it just replaces the whole crosshair with a dot. Anything higher than 0 will show the weapon-unique crosshair.

New Update!

New map and some tweaks

-New map! Still riffin' with the landscape sculptor. Plum Bluffs is another large map available in TDM, FFA, CTF, GG, and OB.

-Hyper-turbo is gone for now, sorry. I couldn't find a way to make things feel good at those speeds. More importantly, I don't want to give new players the wrong impression when joining a random match. 35m/s isn't the easiest to maintain or achieve, and can be very intimidating already. For now, the highest setting is "Turbo" at 50m/s. Perhaps when the player-base is more substantial we can revisit this, but for now it gets the boot.

-Fixed issue where the empty browser message breaks when refresh button is spammed.

New update!

Map changes

-"Plum Bluffs" is now "Verdant Bluffs" because purple isn't far enough from red, and it hurt visibility.
-Removed Megatower from the map-list. This was a long time coming; it was a map that hindered the fun, rather than helping it. Around here, bad maps get the boot. Other maps are on my radar, too, particularly Hangar.

Quick hotfix!

Fixed issue where certain gameplay settings didn't load on game-start.

Quick Update

Crosshair improvements

-Made hit-markers less obtrusive.
-Changed crosshairs to look better at 1.0 scale for:
Sickness and Health


Movement improvements.

-Increased air-control
-Improved corner handling while wall-running:
Corners could easily cause some jank while wall-running. Running face-first into an angle <90 degrees could cause players to get stuck, which feels shitty. Now when hitting a tight corner one of two things will happen:

  1. The run will more-reliably transfer the next wall if you are facing away from the corner.
  2. If you face the corner, preventing the wall-run, you'll begin going up and (if there is room) over the obstacle (yes, this means you can use sharp corners as elevators, but that's a fast way to die in PvP).

This should significantly reduce hitching in the movement.

New Update!

Tweaks, fixes, and improvements

-Turns out, Ue4 has mouse-smoothing on by default, and I'm the big dumb idiot who assumed I had to do that myself. Welp, it's a dumb setting, so it's off now.
-hopefully fixed issue where trade-kills wouldn't work with bullets due to latency in PvP.
-Added a "wind" effect while at high-speeds. I tried to make it unobtrusive, if it's getting in the way let me know!
-Added a damage vignette to better convey when you're at low health.

Quick Hotfix

-Fixed issue where wind effect would appear on spawn.
-Fixed issue where flags wouldn't appear through walls on very large maps.

Quick Update!

3d damage indicator!

-Added 3d damage indicator. If you prefer the 2d indicator, you can swap back in the settings menu under gameplay.

New Update!


-Reworked recoil system. If you wait for the weapon to reset, the recoil will return to where you were previously aiming, instead of just rapidly rotating the camera up. The recoil effect is also much smoother.
-Remade the art of the Tri-Hard. The previous art just didn't feel like a rocket launcher. It was puny, especially compared to the Zip-Gun and Sickness & Health. Now it be phat.

Hotfix... maybe

-So something added in the last two days has caused intermittent crashes. I don't know what the problem is, but I went over everything I changed during that time and made some minor tweaks to improve them. Maybe it's fixed, if it isn't hopefully I'll be able to narrow it down further with more information.


Fixed issue where slide toggle setting wasn't saved.


Boy, I fucked things up.

-Fixed issue where players could shoot their invisible player player-model, which obliterated hit detection. Who knows? Maybe it'll fix the crashing too.

New Update!


-The crashes are fixed. The reasons are dumb, and I don't know why it fixed it, but it did, so I'll take it. Now I can sleep.

Wall running!

So I've had many comments that wall-running feels "sticky", "linear", and other adjectives. I was hesitant to implement gravity, since I felt the infinite wall-running worked with the goofy and arcade-y feel I was going for. However, I've made a lot of changes recently to further smooth the movement, and the wall-run feels a bit abrupt now. So I've implemented some changes, and I think they feel pretty good! They are as follows:

-Vertical velocity is now taken into account when initiating a wall-run. This only works if you are moving up, not down, and allows you to gain a little extra height than you normally would from a jump.
-When you initiate wall-run, if your horizontal velocity is less than 25m/s, you will accelerate through the wall-run up to 25m/s. If greater, you maintain any extra velocity. This joins slide-hopping as an easy way to reach 25m/s.
-Gravity will now take hold after a brief period of sustained wall-running. This happens ~300ms after you level out. This means you can wall-run a bit longer if you jump into it. Falling into it will still take you quite a ways, but the 300ms countdown starts immediately.

In summary, wall-running now grants extra speed and verticality, and hopefully more fun, while limiting it abusability (as fun as that was 🤣)!

New Update!

Tweaks and improvements

-Fixed issue where rocket-jump stopped working

-Removed wind effect until I find a better solution

-Adjusted slide:

  1. Reduced acceleration on downward slopes. (you could previously accelerate faster than gravity... on the ground. It's less dumb now.)
  2. Reduced decelleration on flat-ground and upward slopes.

-Improved audio for double-jump and wall-run. There are now unique sounds for jumping from a surface vs air, and a sound for intiating a wall-run.

New update!

New map!

-Asteroid Rig is a wall-running playground; available in FFA, TDM, CTF, GG, and OB.

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