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Trials of Fire update for 9 April 2021

Trials of Fire Exiting Early Access

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Trials of Fire 1.0 Release

Hi everyone,

This update sees Trials of Fire transitioning out of Early Access and into full release. It’s been an exciting ride to get here with our debut game and we’re glad that so many of you are playing and enjoying Trials of Fire already.

Along with the latest update, we also have a digital Artbook and Map as well as the game’s official Soundtrack available from Steam. If you prefer you can get all 3 in the collector’s Inferno Bundle.

As always, we want to express our thanks for the awesome support of our Early Access community who were so instrumental in getting us to this point - both with your support and feedback. It's no understatement to say we wouldn't be here without you!

Also note that along with the 1.0 release, we are resetting the game's leaderboards to give everyone a fighting chance with all the changes since the last leaderboard reset.

Whatboy Games

Trials of Fire 1.005 Release Notes

This update marks us moving out of Early Access and into full release.

Update highlights include a brand new playable Hero, a rework to the Assassin’s Stealth mechanic and a host of updates to item based cards.

New Hero – The Occultist

  • Communes with otherworldly powers to deal damage or buff your party. Beware though, such power always comes with a price.
  • Ranged damage dealer or support character.
  • Many of their abilities will do damage or place negative named effects on themself, but others will grow stronger as they take damage or get more afflicted.
  • Has the unique ability to remove cards from the battle to thin your deck on the fly or remove weaknesses.

Instant Cards

  • Many created cards have now been re-branded as ‘Instant’.

  • These function largely the same, as before, but are now removed from the game automatically when ending your turn (and do not count towards your 1 held card limit).

  • Instant is a new keyword with the following effects:

    • May not be Recycled or Redrawn.
    • Automatically removed from the battle at the end of your turn.
  • This keyword replaces the text on many cards.

Stealth Rework

  • We’ve reworked the Stealth named effect to better suit the Assassin’s playstyle.

  • Stealth now has no immediate effect and ticks down like any other named effect.

  • If you can maintain stealth until the start of your turn, it triggers some powerful new abilities.

  • Stealth effect:

    • Cannot be targeted by enemies unless they are adjacent.
    • Every time you are hit, lose 1 stack of Stealth.
    • At the start of your turn, gain +2 to Melee and Ranged damage for the turn and add a Move Unseen card to your hand.
  • Move Unseen token card – ‘Move 1 + your Stealth stacks, ignoring enemies.’

Hero Changes

  • The Spirit Speaker now has a Heavy Armour slot instead of Light Armour to allow for a bit of extra tankiness.
  • The Assassin no longer has access to Heavy Armour to slightly reduce their tankiness.

Language Update

  • Russian localisation now fully implemented.

Profile Management

  • You may now have up to 4 separate save profiles on your machine to allow other household members to play on one machine.

Item Card Review

  • We’ve updated a lot of the weaker item cards to make sure more items are viable in high-level builds.
  • Most of these buffs come in the form of powerful, conditional effects to boost the cards based on how you play them. This

Card Changes

  • ‘Fly’ – Changed effect to, ‘Move to any free space. Any Magic Damage cards in hand gain +1 to damage.’
  • ‘Quick Shot’ – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 1, then draw a card. Deal +2 damage if your previous card played was a Move card.’
  • ‘Quick Thinking’ – Changed basic effect to, ‘Look at the top 3 cards of your deck and choose one to draw. Refresh your Talent.’
  • ‘Chaos Missiles’ – Changed effect to, ‘Deal 3 Magic Damage to all enemies within 3 spaces. Deal +2 damage if you have 5+ Defence.
  • ‘Wing Smash’ – Now deals Magic Damage.
  • ‘Reel In’ – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 1 then Pull the target 3 Spaces. Afterwards, if the target is adjacent to you, draw a card.’
  • ‘Lunge’ – Changed effect to, ‘Move 1 to Target, Melee Attack 3. Every time you play a card, increase movement by 1.’
  • ‘Strike Through’ – Changed effect to, ‘Melee Attack 3 or Ranged Attack 2. Also hits anyone directly behind the target. If you hit 2 targets, gain 1 Willpower.’
  • ‘Sleep Dart’ – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 2. For every 2 damage dealt, shuffle a temporary Fatigue card into target's deck.’
  • ‘Dark Rite’ – Changed effect to, ‘Melee Attack 2. If you deal damage, take 1 raw damage and gain +1 to Magic Damage for the rest of the battle.’
  • ‘Reach’ – Increased cost to 1 (from 0).
  • ‘Armoured Advance’ – Changed effect to, ‘Move 2, Defend 3 and gain 1 Willpower. Shuffle an Exhausted card into your deck.’
  • ‘Wide Sweep’ - Changed effect to, ‘Melee Attack 5 on all adjacent enemies. If you hit 2 or more targets, draw a Defend card from your deck or discard pile.’
  • ‘Fearsome Shout’ – Changed effect to, ‘All enemies within Range 2 are inflicted with Exposed and discard a card. Gain 1 Willpower for every WEAKNESS card in hand.’
  • ‘Rage’ – Changed effect to, ‘Draw 2 cards. Gain 1 Willpower for every WEAKNESS card in hand. Shuffle a Fatigue into your deck.’
  • ‘Detonate’ – Reduced cost to 1 and changed effect to, ‘Destroy a friendly Summoned character and deal Magic Damage to all adjacent characters equal to the health of the destroyed unit.
  • ’Piercing Arrow’ – Changed effect to, ‘Unblockable Ranged Attack 3. If you spent 0 Willpower for this card, remove Defence equal to the damage dealt.’
  • ‘Phosphor Arrow’ – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 5. If the target is Burning, deal 3 Magic Damage to all enemies within 2 spaces.’
  • ‘Coordinate’ – Changed effect to, ‘Target other friendly Hero draws 1 card. If the target has any named effects, Activate yourself.’
  • ‘Improvise’ – Changed effect to, ‘Target friendly Hero upgrades a card in hand and reduces its cost by 1.’
  • ‘Last Stand’ – Increased defence bonus to 2 for each point of health below 10 (from 1).
  • ‘Aimed Shot’ – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 8. This card cannot be played. Cancel this effect at the end of your turn or when you play a Power on yourself.’
  • ‘Grit’ – Changed effect to, ‘Gain Protected 2 then Defend 2.’
  • ‘Think Ahead’ – Reduced cost to 0 and changed effect to, ‘Shuffle 2 cards from Shiv, Simple Shot and Guard into your deck. The next time you draw cards this turn, draw 1 extra card.’
  • ‘Insult’ (Warlord) – Changed effect to, ‘Inflict Defenceless 2 to an enemy character or grant Inspired 2 to a friendly character. Inflict +1 stack for every WEAKNESS card in hand.’
  • ‘Intimidate’ (Warrior) – Changed effect to, ‘Inflict Weakened 2 on all enemies within 2 spaces. Inflict +1 stack for every WEAKNESS card in hand.’
  • ‘Unstable Flask’ (Alchemist) – Changed upgraded effect to, ‘Choose 1 from 3 random BASIC cards to create in your hand and reduce its Willpower cost by 1. Then do this a second time.’
  • ‘Elixir of Power’ (Alchemist) – Increased card options to 4 (from 2).
  • ‘Run+’ – Changed effect to, ‘Move 4 and gain 1 Willpower. Activate.’
  • ‘Momentum’ (Warrior) – Changed effect to, ‘Defend 2. If your last card played was a Melee Attack card, draw a card.’
  • ‘Stalk’ – Increased Resilience to 3 (from 1).
  • ‘Battle Ready’ – Increased cost to 4 (from 3).
  • ‘Teamwork’ – Increased cost to 1 (from 0).
  • ‘Sneak’ (Assassin) – Now grants Stealth 2 (up from 1).
  • ‘Hidden Shot’ (Assassin) – Now grants Stealth 2 (up from 1).
  • ‘Smoke Bomb’ (Assassin) – Now grants Stealth 2 (up from 1) and increased cost to 2 (from 1).
  • ‘Shadow Strike’ (Assassin) – Changed effect to, ‘Ranged Attack 2 then move to the closest free space adjacent to the target. If you have Stealth, gain 1 Willpower.’
  • ‘Opening’ (Assassin) – Reduced damage to 2 (from 3).
  • ‘Low Profile’ (Assassin) – Increased cost to 1 (from 0).

Boss Changes

  • Increased the Willpower of the Red Dragon.
  • Reduced the Willpower of the Planar.
  • Reworked Blue Dragon deck a bit to increase challenge slightly.

Endless Odyssey

  • Standard (non) boss encounters will now ‘level up’ with every 5 objectives completed.
  • Enemies’ health will increase by 100% and they will draw 1 extra card each turn.
  • Enemy numbers will be reduced by 50%.
  • This is to stop the difficulty of these encounters being limited by the 9 unit maximum and to introduce more variety for those players fighting on in this mode.
  • Random (non-objective) boss encounters will also now increase in difficulty the further in you go.

Cataclysm Changes

  • Cataclysm 6 effect is now, ‘Bosses gain an additional 15% health and Power resilience bonus per Tier.’ Top Tier bosses now have a 200% bonus to Power resilience.
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