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Counter-Strike 2 update for 15 March 2021 (version 1247)

Share · View all patches · Build 6385546 · Last edited 16 March 2021 – 11:11:46 UTC by xPaw

Patchnotes via Counter-Strike Blog


  • Fixed env_fade entities for “only triggering player” configuration.
  • Added vscript function ScriptTraceLinePlayersIncluded.


  • Updated Guard to the most recent workshop
    • Fixed boost spot on arches (Thanks @FilyandraXBL)
    • Fixed nodraw behind CT Spawn (Thanks Mii Fanboy)
    • Fixed various spots where players could get stuck on walls (Thanks @FilyandraXBL, Mii Fanboy, Kerluck, @goodchicken45)

The following changelog has been automatically generated from GameTracking data.


  • Updated localization files for Portuguese - Brazil, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish - Latin America, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Spain, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese

English Localization

  • quest_1092_var_desc: Score points with the bonus weapon in <b>{s:gamemode}: {s:location}</b>. Score points with the bonus weapon in <b>{s:gamemode}: {s:location}</b>.
  • op07_subtitle_725: <b>Felix Riley:</b> Molotov's are a great way to lock down an area and control enemy movement, so get used to carrying petrol in a beer bottle.<b>Felix Riley:</b> Molotovs are a great way to lock down an area and control enemy movement, so get used to carrying petrol in a beer bottle.
  • quest_1089_v2_var_desc: Get scoped kills in <b>{s:gamemode}: {s:location}</b>.
  • quest_1092_v2_var_desc: Score points with the bonus weapon in <b>{s:gamemode}: {s:location}</b>.
  • quest_1095_v2_var_desc: Get {s:kills} UMP-45 kills in <b>Guardian: {s:location}</b>.
  • quest_1097_v2_var_desc: <i>...the retina quickly adapts to the bright stimulus, creating temporary blindness.</i>
  • quest_1103_var_desc: Blind the enemy with flashbangs in <b>{s:gamemode}: {s:location}</b>.
  • quest_1089_v2_hud_var_desc: Get Scoped Kills
  • quest_1092_v2_hud_var_desc: Score Points with the Bonus Weapon
  • quest_1095_v2_hud_var_desc: Get UMP-45 Kills
  • quest_1097_v2_hud_var_desc: Delve deeper into the Phoenix Compound
  • quest_1103_hud_var_desc: Blind enemies with flashbangs
  • op10_quest_name_1103: Keep Your Eyes Shut!
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_ancient_entry: �Felix Riley�: It's another lair; don't recognize it. Could be where the Phoenix are planning to strike next though. Make your way to that control room and see what you can find out.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_ancient_fight: �Felix Riley�: We're close to what Valeria's hiding, I can feel it. Get to that control room and secure as much intel as you can.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_ancient_intel_picked_up: �Felix Riley�: We're out of time! Get the hell out of there!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_ancient_intel_search: �Felix Riley�: Search the room, grab any piece of intel you can find. We'll sort through it later.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_breach_charge_nag: �Felix Riley�: What, are you daft? Pick up the charge and get moving Operator.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_breach_charge_pickup: �Felix Riley�: Do you know what sort of deal I had to make with Booth to get that breach charge? You're not leaving it behind. You're going to use that to blow a hole through a damn door!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_breach_ready: �Felix Riley�: Here's hoping Booth's merchandise works as advertised. Place the breach charge and stand back. It's time we knock on that door and say hello.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_elevator_down: �Felix Riley�: Valeria knows her facility is exposed. Be careful, they're going to be on high alert.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_end: �Felix Riley�: When that tank showed up I was worried I'd have to deliver some bad news tonight. But you kept your wits about you and dealt a hell of a blow to the Phoenix. Now, let's get you home so you can have the celebration heroes like you deserve.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_exit_blocked: �Felix Riley�: Bollocks, this is bad.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_final_room: �Felix Riley�: This isn't some fanatic with a knife and an AK, that's a god damn tank! Don't make your move until you find something that'll actually damage that thing.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_intro: �Felix Riley�: I was hoping to breach the Phoenix facility without asking Booth for a favor but desperate times and blah, blah, blah. We've got the explosives we need to knock Valeria's front door down. It's time to finish Operation Broken Fang.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_main_hall: �Felix Riley�: Alright, let's find a way to get inside and take a look around. Maybe we can see what Valeria's next move is going to be.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_mirage_area_entry: �Felix Riley�: Christ, it's some sort of training facility.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_mirage_fight_end: �Felix Riley�: Brilliant work Operator, now let's keep moving. We bought some time and can't afford to waste it.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_molotov_hit1: �Felix Riley�: That's it!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_molotov_hit2: �Felix Riley�: Keep it up!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_molotov_hit3: �Felix Riley�: Nicely done!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_molotov_nag: �Felix Riley�: Use the Molotovs to take out the tank!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_molotovs_found: �Felix Riley�: I was hoping for a rocket launcher or something but since we can't blow up the tank we're gonna settle for cooking the bastard driving it.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_nearing_exit: �Felix Riley�: I just got reports of inbound vehicle closing in on the farm, and it's not one of ours. If you don't hurry Valeria may be able to cut off your extraction route.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_second_breach: �Felix Riley�: Well, shit. In hindsight billing Booth for one charge was probably not the best idea. That one's on me, sorry mate. Alright, time to improvise and find a way around that door.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_sim_entry: �Felix Riley�: Wow, that looks expensive. Wonder what it does?\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_felix_broken_fang_pt2_sim_entry_alt: �Felix Riley�: What the hell is this?\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_ancient_fight: �Valeria Jenner�: Blood has been spilled in these hallowed halls by the Coalition Taskforce. Our brothers and sisters are dead, and their murderers have advanced to Hall Three. Greet them with the respect these monsters deserve!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_facility_intro: �Valeria Jenner�: Well, well, well. It would appear that the tyrants have breached our house of learning. But we will not be deterred. This will all be in vain. The Phoenix is the voice of freedom, and freedom cannot be stopped by a bullet.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_final_room: �Valeria Jenner�: No more games Felix, it's over. Don't let your stupidity masquerade as courage. I'm going to be perfectly clear; your team will die, but how much they suffer is up to you. Surrender.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_intel_search: �Valeria Jenner�: Feeelix, I know you can hear meee. Your thugs are a long way from home and they will answer for your transgressions here. I promise you. They will be found, and they will suffer on your behalf.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_intel_search_alt01: �Valeria Jenner�: Felix, I know you can hear me. Your thugs are a long way from home and they will answer for your transgressions here. I promise you they will be found, and they will suffer on your behalf.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_lock_down: �Valeria Jenner�: Lock it down. No one leaves the facility or the farm!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_mirage_wave1: �Valeria Jenner�: Recruits! Report to Mirage Sector and show these interlopers what the Phoenix has taught you.\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_mirage_wave2: �Valeria Jenner�: The despots are still in the Mirage Sector. Reinforcements are needed now!\n
  • vcd_op10_coopmission_valeria_broken_fang_pt2_mirage_wave3: �Valeria Jenner�: For the love of God, kill them!\n
  • SFUI_Map_coop_fall: Cultivating Trouble
  • SFUIHUD_InfoPanel_MapLongUseEntity_Place_Other: Another player is already placing this item.
  • SFUIHUD_InfoPanel_MapLongUseEntity_Place: Placing item...
  • SFUIHUD_InfoPanel_Spec_MapLongUseEntity_Place: %s1 is placing the item.

Quest definitions

  • Territorial Dispute (Get Scoped Kills) Changed loc_description from #quest_1089_var_desc to #quest_1089_v2_var_desc
  • Territorial Dispute (Get Scoped Kills) Changed loc_huddescription from #quest_1089_hud_var_desc to #quest_1089_v2_hud_var_desc
  • Equal Share (Score Points with the Bonus Weapon) Changed loc_description from #quest_1092_var_desc to #quest_1092_v2_var_desc
  • Equal Share (Score Points with the Bonus Weapon) Changed loc_huddescription from #quest_1092_hud_var_desc to #quest_1092_v2_hud_var_desc
  • Just Scratching The Surface (Get Round Wins) has been added
    • Game mode: competitive
    • Map: de_ancient
    • Points: 20,15,7
    • Operational Points: 1
    • Expression: %act_win_round%
  • That Belongs In A Museum! (Get UMP-45 Kills) has been added
    • Game mode: cooperative
    • Map: de_ancient
    • Points: 1
    • Operational Points: 2
    • Expression: %act_win_match%
  • Lost And Found (Get Round Wins) has been added
    • Game mode: casual
    • Map group: mg_skirmish_retakes
    • Points: 10,7,3
    • Operational Points: 1
    • Expression: %act_win_round%
  • A Lasting Impression (Delve deeper into the Phoenix Compound) has been added
    • Game mode: coopmission
    • Map: coop_fall
    • Points: 1
    • Operational Points: 2
    • Expression: %act_win_match%
  • Keep Your Eyes Shut! (Blind enemies with flashbangs) has been added
    • Game mode: casual
    • Map group: mg_casualsigma
    • Points: 25,15,7
    • Operational Points: 1
    • Expression: %act_flashbang_enemy%
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